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ZetaTalk: Oahspe
Note: written Apr 15, 1997.

The Oahspe is a book read by few but with staunch devotees, as it speaks to truths mostly unspoken by man. Written at a time and in a place where Christianity was the only dogma allowed, the Oahspe could only have come from the mind of the man and by the hand of the man who wrote it. Thus it is clear to those who encounter it that it is channeled work. The battle between what mankind calls good and evil, the existence of many types of spirits with different motivations such as ghosts or demons or angels, and reincarnation are not new topics to mankind, as they are addressed in one form or another by the major religions. But the Oahspe addresses such subjects as

Those who would delve into the rich wealth of insight the Oahspe provides should bear in mind that it was written at a time when all books intended to be serious works spoke in the Biblical style. The reader should not be put off by the use of new terms for spirits in different stages of maturity or with different orientations or allegiances. Many of these new terms have a parallel term, and these parallels are useful in helping the new reader relate. Read with an open mind, letting what is being relayed sink in. As the reading progresses the reader will get a sense of what those who were speaking through the author, a simple man who practiced dentistry in the last century, hoped to relay. As with the Book of Ra, it can be difficult to understand, and is subject to many interpretations. The best advice we can give no this matter is to read with your heart as well as your mind. Follow the flow, let the nuances lie unanswered and unchallenged in your mind. Treat this as a garden you are walking through for the first time, and experience it fully without trying to categorize it! Much of what you will learn will be processed in your subconscious, and influence your conscious mind later. If you must dissect each phrase, and correlate it with each piece of information taken from another source, you will trash much of what you could otherwise gain. Live in the gray, not always insisting on black and white and strict compartmentalizations.

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