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Issue 250, Sunday July 17, 2011
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7 of 10 Creep

Where the 7 of 10 scenarios appear to be unfolding slowly, per the Zetas there are reasons for the delay. But this does not mean the overall schedule will be delayed. Where the scenarios started on time, the [1] tilting of India for a 10 foot drop in elevation in Pakistan in the latter half of 2010 and the [2] sinking of the Sunda Plate by December 23, 2010, plate undulation set in to cause a delay. Heaping water throughout the Pacific was evidence that [3] the folding of the Philippine and Mariana plates had started, and certainly [4] the S American roll had begun. But recently there was evidence that Luzon Island in the Philippines had not sunk, though being on that part of the Philippine Plate that was to plunge during the fold, it should be going under. What is going on? The Zetas explain why the 7 of 10 scenarios have been delayed, temporarily.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/9/2011: What has occurred to seemingly delay the complete sinking of the Sunda Plate to the degree we predicted? If we predict that the hinges on a door will break, snap as pressure is pushing the door from the side, causing the door to fall sideways onto the floor, this can occur quickly or be delayed. A later stage in the house collapse is for the door frame to skew while the house begins to lean, but we are giving the likely outcome of this collapse - the door will first fall sideways to the floor. But if after the door hinges snap but the door cannot fall because the frame suddenly skews, the door might get temporarily held in place by friction, by a pinch. We anticipated plate movements in the Northern Hemisphere, in the northern Pacific, to occur after the Equatorial plate movements, but the Northern Hemisphere has begun some of its movements early.

The great quake in Japan created a slight shift in the Philippine Plate, such that it cannot tilt and fold, and is jammed at the southern end. This has likewise created a delay in the S American roll, though the Mariana Plate is free to tilt and fold and is doing so, as are the plates in the northern Pacific. This does not mean that the New Madrid will occur out of sequence, as without the complete folding in the central Pacific we have predicted, there would not be the room for the N American continent to shift, nor would it move prior to completion of the S American roll. What a jammed door means is that the house and door will fall together, not in turn. It may seem there are delays, but the plate borders are fracturing, loosening their grip upon one another, and the inevitable will arrive without an overall delay in the schedule.

But there is steady plate movement, as a glance at evidence only days apart from diverse places show. The Indo-Australian Plate is sinking at India, and rising at New Zealand, which allows the Sunda Plate tongue holding Indonesia to fold and crumble, sinking below the curve under Sumatra and Java. During a few days in early July this can be seen by high tides at Mumbai, sinking at Bangledesh, and a slosh of water disbursing as far away as the coast of Oman. Mumbai, on the west coast of India, experienced unusually high tides of 5.5 meters on July 2. This was attributed to the monsoons even though there was no rain! Across the Arabian Sea on the Gulf of Oman seawater poured into Kalba. On July 9, seawalls broke in Bangladesh, pouring sea water inland and ruining drinking water reserves. These are signs of a sinking India.

Tide and Tested: Century's Tallest Waves Lash Mumbai
July 02, 2011
Huge tidal waves measuring 5.5 metres high hit the Mumbai coastline from the Gateway of India to Juhu but they caused little or no damage during the ''no-showers'' day. The Friday tides were billed as the highest in a hundred years. Scientifically, the event was attributed to a combination of monsoon and the strong gravitational pull of the moon two days after the New Moon.
Seawater Floods Parts of Kalba Corniche
July 6, 2011
Strong and high tides in the eastern coast of Kalba, near Fujairah caused floods in the town. Public beaches and areas closer to the coast were inundated with seawater and emergency teams from civil defence were deployed to suck the water back to the sea.
Barguna Coastal Bundh Caves In
July 9, 2011
Several hundred people of 22 villages in Patharghata upazila are facing acute crisis of drinking water for the last three days as a 15-km coastal dam caved in opening door to sea water borne by tide triggered by depression. The 15km WDB embankment developed breaches in 25 points allowing salty water enter through holes submerging villages. At least 50 families have been displaced. They are passing their nights under open sky and suffering due to acute shortage of drinking water.

Almost within days of each other, several bridges in Indonesia collapsed, as noted on the Pole Shift ning. Two were in the Banyumas district in Java, on June 27 and July 1, and a third on the island of Borneo on July 6.

Sukarno in Banyumas Java Bridge Sinkhole
June 27, 2011
The bridge across the river Serayu in the Rawalo, on the border between Central Java and area of Banyumas collapsed. 129-meter bridge consisted of three arches, each arch has a length of 42 meters. Eyewitnesses say that a few minutes before the collapse of the bridge rather loud crack was heard.
Suharto in Banyumas Bridge Collapse Again Soon
July 1, 2011
Suharto bridge over the river Serayu, in Rawalo, district Banyumas, could collapse because of the pillars supporting the bridge. Supporting pillars sank by 1.5-2 m, which allegedly caused by erosion due to sand mining around the bridge.
Iron Bridge Pulautelo Uninstall
July 6, 2011
Vehicles that run across the bridge Pulautelo Kapuas, Central Kalimantan, have to be careful. The reason - a piece of iron, which blocked the middle of the bridge. Presumably this was due to the loosening of the bolts on the iron compound.

On July 6 the Kermadec Islands just offshore from New Zealand sustained what the USGS termed a magnitude 7.7 quake. The buoys in the area reflected this quake and the sudden rush of water from the rising eastern edge of the Indo-Australian Plate.

Tide floods New Brighton
July 7, 2011
An earthquake-ravaged Christchurch road is battling with half a metre of flooding after last night's exceptionally high tide. A council spokeswoman last night's exceptionally high tide was due to low atmospheric pressure over the city at the moment.
Haumoana Bach Flooded by Waves
July 7, 2011
Four-metre-high waves in Hawke's Bay caused spectacular scenes and flooded a bach at Haumoana yesterday.
Avon River Likely to Flood New Brighton Again
July 7, 2011
An unusually high tide forced the Avon River to breach its banks on Wednesday and rise above the sandbags laid after the February quake.

Signs in the Sky

Dramatic images and sightings continue. Moon Swirl orbs are some of the most dramatic, as they are so very bright. Moon Swirls are moons of Planet X caught in a dance with each other, forming a long tube during this dance. When seen from the side, they form a tube, but when seen from the end they funnel sunlight which emerges like a flashlight at the end. On the Pole Shift ning there is an ongoing discussion where photos and videos are dissected. Recently, an excellent example of a Moon Swirl capture was posted. This is not a lens flare as the photographer moves the camera around and the object does not move from its relative position vs a vs the Sun. The object also moves behind clouds, and lens flare are within the camera, in front of all objects being recorded. The Sun itself can clearly be seen. And the photographer observed the Moon Swirl naked eye, so it was not a camera affect.


Planet X and its Moon Swirls appear on the SOHO and Stereo images too, regularly. NASA tries to air brush these object out, but their programs do a poor job, or show edit lines so obvious that they might as well be trumpeting the truth - Planet X is here, next to the Sun! The Pole Shift ning also has an ongoing discussion where these images are dissected. There is no end of material! Here are some recent examples of Moon Swirls seen from the side (often called the String of Pearls) as well as from the end. Planet X itself on occasion catches a glint of sunlight and makes an appearance too.

We last covered signs in the sky in Issue 232 on March 13, 2011 and discussed lens flare confusion in Issue 247 on June 26, 2011. Periodically NASA attempts to explain these signs in the sky, their most acute fear that Second Sun sightings will become prevalent, as depicted in Issue 213. on November 28, 2010. Second Sun sightings can be so dramatic the viewer thinks they are actually seeing two suns rising or setting. Never at a loss for an explanation other than the truth, NASA has invented and imploding Betelgeuse. Their latest excuse.

Two Suns? Twin Stars Could Be Visible From Earth By 2012
January 22, 2011
Earth could be getting a second sun, at least temporarily. Dr. Brad Carter, Senior Lecturer of Physics at the University of Southern Queensland, outlined the scenario. Betelgeuse, one of the night sky's brightest stars, is losing mass, indicating it is collapsing. It could run out of fuel and go super-nova at any time. When that happens, for at least a few weeks, we'd see a second sun. There may also be no night during that timeframe. The Star Wars-esque scenario could happen by 2012.

Elite Hideaways

In 2003 the Zetas were asked about where the elite plan to ride out the pole shift.

ZetaTalk Response 1/10/2004: These regions are, not surprisingly, in central Africa, Argentina, eastern Australia, Kazahstan, and Wyoming.

Have things changed? Not by much, per the Zetas, who were asked again about the plans of the elite as a minister from Abu Dhabi recently invested in Queensland, and was warmly welcomed. Per the Zetas, Reem Al-Hashimy visited Brisbane during his initial visit to ascertain for himself that sea water was backwashing up the rivers, due to the plate edge rising, as reported by ZetaTalk.

School is Site of Cyclone Shelter
June 14, 2011
The Mackay shelter will be built to a category 5 standard, providing protection from winds up to 300kmh and will be completed by the time the secondary school opens in 2013. An expert panel determined the centre's location, which was deemed to be outside potential storm tide inundation.

There have been some changes in plans, however.

ZetaTalk Response 7/9/2011: We were asked in 2003 what sites, around the world, had been selected by the elite for their survival bunkers. At the time, Bush was in office and the Earth changes were primarily personified in our predictions, not in actuality. Yes, Planet X had been tracked in from the night sky, from the direction of Orion, and was creating Second Sun sightings during the latter half of 2003. Yes, the weather had begun to be erratic, breaking records, but this was still easily covered by talk of Global Warming, all the rage in those days. Thus, the elite were primarily looking for an ultra-right political climate, a suitable Aftertime climate, a ready and compliant slave labor class, and a defensible position.

The list of countries considered ideal for the Aftertime has not changed. S America has increasingly become democratic, and all attempts by corporations to turn back the clock to former days when the common man was considered a slave class, and brutal treatment the rule, are not working. Scratch Argentina and Paraguay. Eastern Australia is still seen to have a welcome sign out for the elite of Indonesia and the UK, and as recent news articles show, even the wealthy of the Middle East. The elite of Russia are eyeing not only Kazahstan but also are now considering the Russian mountains bordering Mongolia, all scarcely populated and within Russian territory. And as interest in the Arab Spring has shown, in particular the interest from France, many in Europe are still eyeing Africa as their safe place.

Kerala Cobra Curse

What is behind the curse of the cobra at Kerala temple? The curse warns that opening the vault to the temple treasure will bring the Arabian Sea roaring into Kerala.

Battle Intensifies for Kerala Temple's $22 Billion Treasure
July 11, 2011
The vaults of the 16th century temple were prised open for the first time in June, since when public calls have grown for redistribution of the wealth to the poor. critics say the fortune could go far to stimulate Kerala's local economy and improve living standards in a country with an estimated 450 million people living in poverty. The 500-year-old temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu, is unique in terms of architecture and mythology, with legends of a curse protecting the long-hidden treasure.
Hiss of the Arabian Sea as Supreme Court Vaults B
July 9, 2011
A faction that opposes the opening of the B vault said it would be dangerous to do so because a trapdoor inside swings open into the Arabian Sea, which is five km away. If the seal is broken, it would lead to massive disaster. Legend has it that in early 20th century, some royal officials tried to open the vault, but had to abandon the move when they heard the roar of surging waves from underneath. They pointed to the inscription of a cobra at the entrance, which, according to them, was a warning to all that it shouldn't be opened.

Of course, per the Zetas this will happen during the pole shift, when India is pushed down, but what is the relationship between this curse and the massive treasure discovered there? The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Response 7/16/2011: Why would there be a cobra curse associated with such great wealth, on a coastline we have predicted to go under the waves on the hour of the pole shift. It should be no surprise that the Hindu religion is aware of the coming pole shift, as their god Shiva represents Planet X, and Kali the Dark Twin. Many prophecies for this time are related to the expectation that starvation and plagues will afflict mankind, and thus it is logical to assume that a treasure set aside for these times would be utilized. The cobra curse is merely a warning that tragedy is to follow, and the Arabian Sea will indeed flood Kerala during the hour of the pole shift.

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