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Costa Rica and the Yucatan Penninsula, being low lying areas subject to ocean sloshing, will find the flood tide washing over them during the hour of the shift, washing away or drowning all who live there. For Panama, of course, there can be no question as it is already threatened by rising seas. Higher points in Central America, the mountains of El Salvador and Nicaragua, are riddled with volcanoes, which will be regularly erupting as the shift approaches and will explode violently during the hour of the shift itself. Thus, there is little safety there, even temporarily. During the time when the plates are slamming into each other, Central America and the Carribean will suffer, as the weak link. These small plates will crumble and be crushed, creating such instability that anticipating a land ride in any of these locations is an extreme toss of the dice. After the shift, the rising sea level will put all who survive under water in these locations. Those who wish to survive and have the means to take action are advised not to be in Central America or the Carribean during the shift.


Note Central America Crumble commentary.
Note Caribbean 7 of 10 commentary.