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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written March 27, 2010 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." Albert Einstein These wise words are sadly proving to be true as President Obama faces hostility and even threats in response to last Sunday's passage of the congressional health-care reform bill. The Zetas and other unseen forces have intervened in the past to protect Obama from danger, and I assume they will continue to do so. My question: Will the Zetas and other benevolent beings also protect members of Obama's administration and Democratic members of Congress if the extremist rhetoric turns to violence?

Outside of obvious targets, such as Obama and Nancy, both of whom have had hundreds of assassination attempts, we will not comment. There is an adolescent element that would consider such an announcement a challenge, and there is no point in falling to their level.

The arc of the Sun seems even more off these days. Any comment?

When there was a temporary lean to the left on March 4 and the days following, we mentioned that this type of extreme wobble would occur from time to time as Planet X and the Earth maneuvered themselves into their end-game positions. At present, Planet X is slightly to the right of the Sun when in the line of sight from the northern hemisphere of Earth. Before the last weeks commence, beginning with the severe wobble, Earth will press as far to the left as possible, to evade the presence of the approaching Planet X. Thus prior to the last weeks Planet X will be stationed more to the right of the Sun in the line of view, presenting many more opportunities for a Second Sun to be seen along with the rising or setting Sun. In the meantime, Planet X is assaulting the Earth, pressing its magnetic field into the magnetic field of Earth, and thus causing an extreme wobble or temporary lean to the left at times. As we mentioned in early March, this will come and go, as this is a dance at present.

Is there not a posture that NASA is willing to adopt that will be more truthful re PX? It honestly seems as if they are setting themselves up to be the scapegoat when the extent of their lies is known soon. Do they not worry about their personal safety?

This subject has come up repeatedly during the recent chats, and the answer today is the same as the week prior. They are locked in a death march because of their prior lies, unable to tell the truth because they fear the reaction of the public, and thus they continue to lie even when it becomes obvious they are doing so. In this, they only make the final reaction of the public more enraged, but it takes courage to finally face the public and tell the truth and they would prefer to lie until it is time to bolt for their bunkers. However, we are here to tell them their lies won't stretch that far, and they will be caught at this game.

Are there any implications for a possible false flag terror attack on American soil this weekend? I know that men have their free will but there are reports about certain military drills and Obama is going to be in Camp David. This looks like 9/11 all over again. Would the zetas care to elaborate?

This is of course in the hands of man but we, the telepathic Zetas, are unaware of any such plans.

Is the Korean boat sinking anything for most to worry about?

The news reports have covered this incident, which involved an accident on a S Korean ship, not an attack by a N Korean ship. There is no cover-up ongoing in this matter.

Has there ever been a peaceful, war-free, fully Service-to-Others society of humans on 3rd-density Earth?

Earth is presently a 3rd density world, with reincarnating souls who are primarily undecided. Incarnations do not happen within a particular culture, or a particular country. One can be incarnated as an Eskimo one lifetime, a man, and find themselves as a woman in Saudi Arabia the next. Obviously, in such an environment, a fully Service-to-Other community is not possible.

There's been a suggestion that the Caribbean and Central America are about to suffer a catastrophic tectonic disaster. Is this true? If so, how can I convince people there to believe in the possibility and evacuate?

The holographic presentation that Nancy attended last November included a rolling of the S American Plate with mountain building in the Andes and crushing of a part of the Caribbean Plate during this roll. We are not allowed to state when such a process might start, though there is much speculation because of the Chile quake and subsequent quakes that are running up and down the Andes, and restlessness in the Caribbean. Beyond the fact that we have confirmed this holographic presentation to be valid, in the steps it relayed, and beyond stating that to move to a 7 of 10 one or more of these described catastrophe's must happen, we can say no more.

Will in the Caucasus ethnic wars after the shift?

Catastrophe is expected to create opportunism, so that ethnic violence might occur, or the looting of the rich by the poor. Where some of this of course will occur, depending upon the degree of suppressed rage that existed going into the opportunity, in fact more often there is a bonding, a brotherhood that develops. We have predicted that after the shift that Israeli and Palestinian will help each other, and forget about past arguments, rather than continue assaults. It is most often those at the helm of a movement or country that cause wars, not the citizen. The pole shift will disarm those politicians, so that common sense prevails instead.

What is a highest degree of serving to others ? Is it when you sacrifice your life or there is no general rule and each person can have his / her own specific "highest degree" depending on the situation ?

It is often assumed that to give one's life is the highest sacrifice, but the opposite is true. To live a long life, in a constant effort to help others at the expense of one's own comfort and security, is a greater sacrifice.

Once someone is sent to a prison planet is there any escape for them? Can they reform to an STO? Is there any possibility of ever leaving a prison planet? What I mean is, can they still change?

One's spiritual orientation is not fixed, and can and does on occasion change. Those who are Service-to-Other and choose as an occupation to be a Star Child, to return to 3rd density worlds to assist the development of young souls there, run the risk of slipping back into the undecided category. Likewise, there are those on Service-to-Self prison planets who examine their prospects on such a world and see the error of their ways. This requires more than an intellectual determination to change, but what might be termed emotional regret. All Service-to-Self souls at one time experienced empathy, but suppress this, which is one reason the Service-to-Self will leave a vicinity that is highly Service-to-Other, as they are tugged back to remember these times. This is considered a distraction from the Service-to-Self goals, which are to solely serve the self. The Spirit Guides who are in attendance on Service-to-Self worlds recognize a genuine regret, and if sufficient, transfer this soul to incarnate on an undecided world.

Will the new health care bill/law help or hurt us in the coming poleshift?

It will be irrelevant during the pole shift.

How can I better help/reach people to warn them about the coming poleshift? Most of the people that I tell think that this is just all BS. No one is taking me seriously and I am starting to feel like an idiot trying to help them!

We are endlessly asked this question. Our best advice is to present geological evidence of past pole shifts, physical evidence of the presence of Planet X in the vicinity, and then back off. Pressure will only increase any denial you have encountered. They will come to you when their eyes are opened.

Is it better to stock up on rice, beans, lentils (dried) or better to stock up on dry milk/canned milk, powered health shakes (like Slim Fast and Carnation instant breakfast).

The depends on many factors, and thus no general guidelines can be given. You decide, based on your need to travel, the members of your group, the physical health of your group, and the availability of supplies.

After reading ZT articles and Zetas' comments about "dance" and close influence of PX to the Earth I got confused. Human science says that theoretically when two these planets close in, the gravitational influence of PX must adversely affect the Earth earlier than its magnetic interaction. And so at first PX's gravitation had to influence our planet and a couple of countries should have been submerged already due to strong cleats. But as to the Zetas exactly the magnetic influence will cause damages, not the gravitational one. How can you specify this?

Human science is wrong. For one thing, it is completely incognizant of the gravity Repulsion Force.

Any further comment in regard to the nuclear treaty commited to by US and Russia? [and from another] Russia hails nuclear pact, but warns on US missile defence. [Mar 26] Russia on Friday hailed a new nuclear arms treaty with the United States, but warned that US missile defence plans could still derail the key objective of reducing nuclear weapons. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made it clear that Moscow could back out if the United States went too far with its plans to counter missile attacks by setting up defences in eastern Europe.

Russia is making reference to steps that were taken in Poland and other European countries when Bush was president. Under the guise of aiming missiles at Iran, Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld were pointing missiles at Russia, and Russia was not fooled. Since a change in Administration alone is not expected to change attitudes of all within the federal government or within governments in Europe, Russia is warning those who would still like to take such steps that this will not be tolerated in the future either.

Sure the current Pope cannot hope to endure and survive the ever-growing child-abuse scandal engulfing the Catholic Church? [and from another] Is the deaf boys molester scandal at the Vatican have the creepy Pope worried? Any chance this is just the beginning and the Religious frauds will be exposed and crumble?

This is an expose that was sure to happen, as the current Pope presided over the cover-up for so many decades. The worst has not yet been revealed. The current Pope hoped that those in the church, practicing Catholics, would not dare embarrass or accuse a sitting Pope. He failed to account for the failing power of the church, the huge number of people who are leaving the church in droves these days. Pedophilia, and the cover-up at the very top of the church, has been the nail in the coffin of Catholicism.

Boiled, fried and frozen food is harmful. Is that true?

No. But it is true that processing food to be other than fresh, raw food results in fewer nutrients.

Watching the movie Hostel didn't really scare me, but it made me think. In Hostel, college backpackers travel to Slovakia for a spring break/graduation trip. They meet beautiful women who seduce them, and long story short, they get drugged, kidnapped, tortured and murdered. Does this sort of thing happen in the real world? Perhaps the Service to Self type rich folk have all of the money they desire, and the last "ultimate vice" or thrill that has been out of their reach is murder and torture? I think these organizations exist. Is there an Elite Hunting Organization in Eastern Europe, or perhaps elsewhere?

Yes. But such individuals do not simply go after a target such as the "elite", but primarily target the helpless, young or poor, hoping that law enforcement will not aggressively pursue the perpetrators.

Due to the possibility of methane cloud release and explosion, do underground natural gas fields need to be taken into consideration when determining a safe location? Or will winds disperse any gas clouds.

Any explosion requires that gas be released into the atmosphere, else the oxygen necessary for an explosion is not present. The gas is not exploding underground at present for this reason.

Obama fell out with the Israeli PM the other day anything bad come of it? [and from another] The riff between the WH and Israel has been heating up over the settlements and snubs by both sides. Will this riff create further tensions between US, Israel, and Mideast? There are many in Israel who advocate for the Palestinians. Is this the beginning of a peace process we can believe in?

Obama and his Secretary of State Clinton have been pressing the Israelis to abide by their former promises, such as promising to stop new settlements in Palestinian territory. The current political leadership in Israel wants to continue the practices they enjoyed during the Bush administration. Typically the political process is to engage in discussion, while pressing matters behind the scene. When this does not work, more aggressive pressure must be applied. One such means is to publicly show displeasure, instead of pretending that all is well.

Recently I read the article about how a group of archaeologists had found ancient man's stone tools of 1,4 million years old at Socotra island. They were astonisted with the age of finds and asked themselves a question how they had turned out to be there as the ancient people could not cover some 240 km from Africa to this island. So I see an interesting dilemma here - on the one hand this riddle can be explained with PSs in the past (they just separated the island from Africa). On the other hand it was also discovered that these stone tools just lied on the surface - and so if PSs happened at this region, the waves would have washed them away! So I see arguments an favour and against of PS theory. What can you say about this?

This has nothing to do with a pole shift. It has to do with continental drift which is of course influenced greatly by prior pole shifts, which tend to rip the continents apart. Africa is rolling, and has stretch areas that pull the continent apart. During any pole shift land rises and falls also. Land bridges are often thus dropped below the waves. Stone tools would not any more wash away during a high tide than any other stone, as they are too heavy to wash out to sea.

The theory that the Universe is filled by an aether - indivisible particles from which the substance is born , now comes back. The aether theory has been based still Democrit in the Ancient Greece. There are guesses, that Tesla scooped energy for the devices from an aether. Einstein also accepted it, but has soon refused because of its complexity. The aether gives us boundless, free energy. Probably from it Zetas scoop energy? How in their opinion, it is closer to true, than physical vacuum? (Excuse for bad English, I use the translator.)

Space is not a vacuum. Just what mechanism results in what mankind calls free energy will not be revealed, as man, on a young 3rd density world, is not to have this power. It would be misused by those of you who are inclined toward the Service-to-Self orientation.

Does it really matter anymore what the majority of the American people want to happen in their country? If so, what can they do to make it happen?

The US is considered a democracy because its government at all levels are run by elected officials. Despite the election fraud that occurred to put Bush in office in 2000 and 2004, this is still predominantly the case. This election fraud was countered in 2006 and 2008. Thus, your best bet to change things is to address the electoral process!

Master of puppets is related to the Egyptian priests?

The Puppet Master has a Jewish heritage, genetically.

What do the Zetas see as the outcome of CERN's LHC experiment on March 30, 2010?

Nothing untoward, like explosions, and no new knowledge gained. This has been our prediction all along on this matter.

There's another missing financier: More retribution or just an accident? [and from another] Abu Dhabi wealth fund manager missing after plane crash [Mar 27] The managing director of the Abu Dhabi Investment Fund is missing after his glider plane crashed into a lake in Morocco. Authorities were searching for Sheikh Ahmed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who is a brother of the ruler of Abu Dhabi and president of the UAE, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Sheikh Ahmed is also chairman of the board of trustees of the Zayed Foundation for Charity and Humanitarian Works, said WAM, the news agency. The pilot was rescued in good condition.

A kidnapping is not normally arranged to occur in the midst of a plane crash, nor in the water. Issues such as the necessity for underwater gear arise, and carting the kidnapped away for a long distance under water. Such an arrangement would require that the pilot be in on the plot, putting him at great risk to be tortured into confessing the plot. Thus, this mystery will be resolved shortly.

When Planet X arrives, are will The Netherlands be under water because of increasing sea level?

Planet X arrived in your inner solar system in 2003, and is riding past the Sun and now outbound, though its passage, the point when it flies overhead past Earth, is still in the future. The Netherlands is in a precarious position, as much of its lowlands are below or at sea level. Storms will increase, and as Nancy's description of the holographic presentation she attended last November detail, any large spreading of the Atlantic will result in water rushing to fill the rift and then rebounding in the general direction of the Gulf Stream, thus assaulting Europe. We have stated that these tidal waves could reach 200-300 feet, which surely will overwhelm the defenses that the Netherlands have put into place. Just when such a catastrophe will arise we are not allowed to say.

Do STS entities visiting us at this time have contactees here on Earth similar to the STO Zeta contactees?

Yes. Some contactees have both types of visitors, but most lean in one direction or the other. It is the human who determines who visits. The human gives the Call, and based on the nature of the Call, it is answered by one or the other orientation.

How long after PS we would be able to grow food using photosynthesis from sun, also would we be able to get power from photovoltaic solar panels at all by that time?

After the pole shift, the Earth will experience volcanic gloom, which we have stated will last 25 years though will be diminishing during those years. In some places around the world, there will be occasional direct sunlight even during the first year after the pole shift. It is known that solar panels can gain some electrical current even on overcast days, so they have worth in a post pole shift environment.

I was wondering if the Zeta's know what happened to Ashley Tyler, the girl who was abducted by aliens in Nome Alaska. Both her mother and a police officer saw her being lifted out of her home through a beam of light. The police car also recorded a large object hovering of the home.

There is no such thing as abduction, as the human controls visitation by giving the Call and can cancel the visitation instantly by simply stating they no longer wish to be in contact. It is also not true that contactees are taken to a visit in front of others who are consciously aware of what they are seeing. If other humans are in the vicinity, they are frozen so that they are unaware of the missing contactee, though most often contact is arranged at a time when the contactee is alone. Thus, this entire story is a fraud.

In Venezuela they are saying their power grid won' collapse, any comment in regard to this situation? [and from another] Drought in Venezuela Strains Electrical Power [Feb 19] The harsh drought currently affecting Venezuela is straining the country's electrical supply as 70 percent of the power is generated by hydroelectric power stations. havez has said the country's largest hydroelectric dam, Guri, could reach critical level in June if the drought continues.

Alternating drought and deluge were a weather phenomena we predicted back in 1995, when the ZetaTalk saga began. The SE United States had drought recently, where the city of Atlanta feared its drinking water source would dry up, when in the years just preceding this the region was under deluge. These matters are a factor of the Earth wobble, which changes in force and direction at times. Thus, the drought in Venezuela is unlikely to continue apace.

I'm wondering whether the people who live on "prison planets" know what it's like on STO planets? In other words, do they know what they are missing? And, if so, wouldn't more of them decide to get their act togather so they could get out of hell?

They understand the Service-to-Other community environment as all formerly lived on 3dr density worlds where the spiritual orientations were mixed. One's spiritual orientation is not, as we so frequently state, an intellectual decision! It is a choice supported by actions, which show true intent.

I some kind of partial planet called "Hellion" gonna either hit the Sun or hit us? Hellion-1957 happened in mid-August 2009. It was a large object headed for the Sun. Apparently, it was redirected and won't come back for at least two years. You can check NASA's archives around that time for the pictures.

The recent evidence of orbs around the Sun, considered by many to be planets, has speculation rift at the present time. These are not planets, as we have explained, but some of the many moons caught in the gravity pull of Planet X. When seen by telescope, or by the SOHO and Stereo satellites, one cannot tell the distance from Earth or the Sun, and thus the size of these moons cannot be correctly gauged. No planet is approaching the Sun, nor will a collision occur.

The Zetas said humans won't ever discover free energy. But it seems that it has been discovered and currently being redesigned as solid state IE no moving parts. I think the zetas need to rethink their position

We think you should demand that the inventor prove his output in electrical current is greater than his input. You've not done your homework.

If the Caribbean 'event' were to occur, would you expect Trinidad to be destroyed? Given the geography of the southern edge of the Caribbean plate, it looks as though it might be ripped in two.

For those wondering what islands will be at risk during any S America plate roll, we suggest the following exercise. Establish the fault lines, the borders of the two plates in question - S America Plate and Caribbean Plate. Pin the S America Plate at the tip, but spread the Atlantic apart so the top part of S America must roll to the west. Clearly, this puts S America pushing over the Nazca Plate to her west, which is occurring now and causing quakes all up and down the Andes. For the Caribbean Plate, which includes Pamana and Central American countries, there is pressure where the Caribbean Plate loses when encountering the larger and more solid S American Plate. The damage to the Caribbean Plate is not just to those areas which will be pushed under the gliding edge of the S American Plate, but also to those areas which will be dragged along, and ground up as the plate border is rubbed like sandpaper, an abrasion. In addition, the Caribbean Plate will react to pressure on one side by raising an edge on the opposite side. And any associated fault line will likewise react. This is a complicated matter, but suffice it to say that there will be no islands in the Caribbean which will not be affected, nor will the countries in Central America find themselves exempt.

As well I know that India will be completely submerged post shift, but will some of it occur prior to the pole shift? [and from another] Vanishing island solves India-Bangladesh dispute [Mar 25] A tiny island at the centre of a territorial dispute between India and Bangladesh has disappeared beneath the waves due to rising sea levels and erosion, scientists say. The uninhabited outcrop - called New Moore island by India and South Talpatti by Bangladesh - was 3.5 kilometres (about two miles) long and 3.0 kilometres wide before it was swallowed up by the Bay of Bengal. At its height, it was never more than two metres (about six feet) above sea level.

India and Bangladesh are of course affected by the pressure on the Indo-Australian Plate, which is being pushed under the high Himalayas. Lowlands are affected first in such matters.

What is best to stock up on for the coming shift? Should we be shooting to kill or shooting to wound when it comes to dealing with looters and rapists?

This is all for you to decide. What is the composition of your group? Will you be in a stable place, or forced to migrate? What is your financial situation, or what supplies does your group have at present. Do you anticipate that looting will place your group in a life or death situation, or is this a matter of choosing to share so that you have less? Are those who approach you such that they would kill you, or take your last bite of food, or are they simply seeking help? All these are factors which bear on your decisions, and for you do decide.

What a person receives from the internal dialogue?

There is no such dialogue. When the human mind is engaged by its indwelling soul, it is not a dialogue but a directive. If the human senses a dialogue going on, then the conversation is between its soul and another spirit, a soul-to-soul conversation.