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ZetaTalk: SOHO Says So
written December 5, 2009

An object with a tail was captured on a C2 image by the LASCO satellite. This object captured on December 23 has a distinct tail drifting to the left.
We have mentioned that as Planet X begins to turn the hose of magnetic particles from its N Pole toward Earth, that Earth would try to escape by moving as far to the left as possible, putting Planet X to the right of the Sun in the view from Earth.
ZetaTalk: Planet X Right, written December 27, 2008
Check out the Pole Shift blog. Planet X has been spotted on STEREO Cor2 AHEAD and when enlarged it is a reddish-colored cross, with a tail! The AHEAD satellite is closer to Planet X, which is coming at Earth in a retrograde orbit.
Planet X was captured on March 27, 2009 on SOHO. It appeared briefly as the Winged Globe of legend. The 3:18 image captured the Winged Globe, the prior and later images did not have this rare capture. Per Skymap, only the planet Mercury should be in the four o'clock position on that day, to the right of the Sun.

Where Planet X, in line of view, is normally behind the Sun blocking circle, the stereo satellites are positioned to either side of Earth and thus pull in different views of what is behind the Sun as well as different views of what is to the side and in front of the Sun, as the Cor Overlap image shows. Place an object approximately half way between Earth and Sun on the Cor2 AHEAD (right hand) view, so that it would appear at the 4 o'clock position in the line of view. This is what is being observed! Why did Planet X not appear on September 19, 2009, but now is doing so? Because the Earth is pulling far to the left, trying to evade Planet X, placing Planet X further to the right in line of view.

The position of the object is similar to the placement to Planet X (4:30 o'clock) on C2 and C3 captures. In both the 2009-12-04 00:09:35 and 2009-12-05 00:09:35 images it is on the AHEAD Cor2, but not on the BEHIND Cor2. The Earth is the dot at the bottom of the orbit swath. Stereo AHEAD is the fan opening up from the right of Earth, includes the Sun and beyond. Stereo BEHIND is the fan opening up at the left of the Earth.
This issue was raised on Oct 3, 2009 on the GLP chat regarding a September 19, 2009 image and a September 24, 2009 image and a prior July 1, 2009 image and the Zetas said what was presented was not Planet X at that time. In all these cases a planet like Mercury was in the field of view, and the images appeared on the BEHIND satellite, not the AHEAD. Also the planet in question appeared above the Sun in the Cor2 images. The December 4 and December 5 2009 images are below the Sun in line of view.
When enhanced, the red cross that appeared on December 5, 2009 showed a flowing tail, similar in appearance to other SOHO shots of Planet X and the appearance of the Planet X complex when it arrived into the inner solar system in early 2003. This is not the appearance of a planet such as Mercury.