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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written August 15, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

You always talk about famous STS people like Bush, Cheney, but I miss examples of high graded STOs who live now on the earth. Could you name some examples of people who are STO please?

Pelosi, Biden, Obama and wife Michelle are politicians easily recognized. Mother Terresa was of course highly Service-to-Other, as was Ghandi.

You often mention unsparked souls . I've read everything I could find on your website about it, but I still can't understand who they are. Can you give some examples? Maybe some famous or generally known person, one could find any information about them.

Famous or recognized individuals are of course sparked souls, as a life of contention or action is a sparking influence.

What factors will influence temperatures in the initial years of the Aftertime in addition to the new latitudes, altitudes, coastlines, and other changes of the New Geography? ../poleshft/p10.htm

The factors that influence climate today. Wind drift, whether over water and rising upon hitting land so as to cause rainfall, or whether such winds are blocked by mountains or depleated by rainfall before arriving, so that deserts develop, is also a factor, as it is today.

Will the Earth's hot core heat up the Earth enough that northern latitudes will not experience harsh winters or that equatorial regions will be unbearably hot? Also, how much and how long will global "volcanic gloom" affect temperatures? That is, will this worldwide cloud of ash prevent the sun's warmth from reaching the Earth? Conversely, will this constant cloud-cover trap warmth generated by the hot core?

We have explained within the body of ZetaTalk that the gloom will last 25 years, gradually declining. For some areas, close to volcanoes and downwind from them, the gloom may last longer. The seas will warm up, due to the friction of the crust moving across the magma, so a somewhat warmer period could be assumed. Where poles are melting, the ground cold, it will take longer to heat, etc.

Please help us humans as we stock up with suitable clothes, seeds, and other living items and as we tailor our housing and alternative-energy choices to our anticipated new climates.

Your future life is up to you. We are not your parents nor are we allowed to coddle you as you request.

Greetings from Amursk! All we remember this circle on the fields, appeared on June, 20th, 2008 in Furze Knoll ../index/zeta459.jpg. It represents figure eight, paths inside of a planet on which move poles. The point - a kernel, and from above and from below points - northern and southern poles is inside represented. Around of a planet (apparently - the Earth) 25 points which Nancy has presumably accepted for months are represented, and thus, if to count from June, 2008 of 25 months forward we shall receive following date - the end of July, 2010. And as it is supposed from this, at this time will work this "clockwork" and there will be an hour of shift of poles accompanied 9 ball earthquake everywhere on the Earth. Whether I do not remember there were still ever after June, 2008, circles on fields in eight form with poles and a kernel inside, I also trace circles on fields for 2009 on a site, and I too have not found any more the same circle on fields in the form of eight with poles and a kernel inside for this, 2009.

But on August, 9th this year, in West Overton, nr Lockeridge, Wiltshire there was a remarkable circle on fields, and let it does not show figure eight very precisely, but it very well reminds it. Probably it has been made for preservation of an element of doubt. Also we see a kernel inside, and poles on each side this circle, and almost the same paths on which move poles in the form of indistinct figure eight. Also surround this picture four points - on two on each side each pole. That it could mean, four months or 4 years, you ask, people. These are 4 following seasons of year - autumn, winter, spring, summer. Each season of year includes three calendar months. We multiply 4 seasons by 3 months and we receive only 12 months for these 4 seasons of year. Further, if we shall count 12 months from date of occurrence of this circle, that is from August, 9th, 2009 we shall receive following date - the beginning of August, 2010. Reflect, it is the second hint for date of shift of poles. And I do not ask Zetas to make comments on it, in fact I know that it cannot be spoken date or to give any helps. Let it will be so. But I very much would like that itself Nancy has made the comment, or has expressed the opinion on this circle.

We explained a couple weeks ago that our comment on the Furze Knoll was interpreted by humans to be our confirmation of a date, which it was not. The West Overton circle is again an example of the magnetic fields and rotational direction clashing. Planet X is retrograde both in orbit and rotation, averse the Earth. A more direct comparison to the Furtz Knoll circle is the recent Woodborough circle, which shows the touch point between the magnetic fields now distorted. Any attempt to get us to comment on a date will be futile, as we have explained endlessly.

On August, 13th at us in Amursk after several weeks of intolerable heat the strong rain has gone and there were very strange lightnings at night, they are so bright that it would be seemed, there has come day. I as well as many other things inhabitants of our city we do not remember that when or such bright lightnings took place in our city. One of inhabitants has informed that during these lightnings the Cupid which is near our city saw UFO above the river. Whether you can comment than so extraordinary brightness of lightnings is caused?

Lightning is caused by layers within the atmosphere moving across each other rapidly, as happens when a front moves in, cold air dropping suddenly through warm air, etc. This is why lightning is associated with storms and moving fronts. Heat lightning similarly occurs when the upper atmosphere cools after sundown while the air at ground level is still quite warm, causing this same type of movement of the air, thus lightning. The Earth wobble of course is thrusting the Earth's N Pole away daily, allowing it to bounce back daily, and this roils the atmophere, thus more lightning.

As I do not look news, my friend have informed me, that this week there was the meteoric rain which has differed previous such rains, the intensity. Tell please, this meteoric rain was from a tail of Planet X or from Kuipers Belt? And if the raised intensity took place, what reason of it?

Debris in the tail of Planet X will increasingly cause meteors and fireballs, outside of when traditionally expected. Red dust will occur, a light dusting, not the heavy dusting that will occur in the last days. The Oort Cloud, ie the Kuiper's Belt, is a figment of man's attempts to explain matters. This is not where comets come from, as we have explained and as all the data supports. Long period comets come from the direction of Orion, as does Planet X. Comets were created during the breakup of the planets in the Asteroid Belt.

You could not comment on this circle on fields appeared on August, 10th

This is showing a situation where two planets are so close to each other that their magnetic fields touch. They become one, though each has its own influence, represented by the outer circle having two different sized looping patterns. When compared to the Furtz Knoll circle of 2008, which also represents the Earth wobble, one can see a distorted touch point. The Earth wobble, which is caused by the magnetic push Planet X gives to the Earth daily, has become stronger, the distance the Earth travels during the push greater, as can be seen by atmospheric turmoil and high tides.

Some people say that the Mayan Calendar really ends on the 28th October 2011. Do you agree?

This is another attempt to get us to give a clue as to the date of the pole shift, which we have explained will not succeed. The Mayan Calendar, as computed to end on December 21, 2012, is not correct. Beyond this we will have no comment.

The Zetas have said that foraging and growing our own food, along with fishing, will all be viable options for supporting STO communities. Even using insects for food will become necessary and a viable solution for some. Is hunting something that we should try to avoid if not faced with the possibility of starvation? Would it risk local animal populations?

You are assuming that you can control a starving population, which will hunt all animals in the area to extinction. Wildlife recovers not because starving people spare them, but because those who are starving die off or learn another way to feed themselves, but primarily because they survive in areas not inhabited by man.

Who snatched the Russian tanker "Arctic Sea" and where is it currently located?

The rumor is that this tanker was taken by pirates, for the weapons it carried or perhaps drugs it might have been carrying. Recently Mexico has come under the grip of the drug cartels, requiring the Mexican military to get involved and turning some cities or towns into war zones. Somalia has become a new lair for pirates, challenging the age-old law of the sea that maritime ships not carry weapons. There will be more spots on the globe where the increasing distress of a failing economy and cutbacks on defense encourage piracy and drug running. You can consider this missing ship to be a case similar to the battles in Mexico, one cartel against another. The ship was carrying both weapons and drugs, and has changed hands.

Do the zetas have anything to say about this year's hurricane season and how the current tropical storms Ana and Bill are eventually going to develop? Could they become another serious threat to US soil and therefore deepen the economic crisis due to an insurance shortfall?

We stated in the past that hurricanes would be no worse for mankind that those they already are experiencing, even during the hour of the pole shift. Due to the wobble, which has affected tides up and down the coastlines of the N American continent, this year is likely to mirror last year, leaving most storms out to sea rather than striking the mainland.

Could you please comment on the Winged-man crop circle reportedly made in Goes, The Netherlands? Is it as claimed a man-made crop circle or something else? If it was not man-made could you comment on the meaning?

This is not a hoax. [Note the Zetas do not address whether man-made or not.] We stated recently that the circles being laid down this year have an increasingly obvious artifact, such as an insect or fish and in this case a human. This is so the meaning will not be lost! The Netherlands is below sea level in many if not most areas, and will be devastated with high tides as the storms pick up and assault their dikes. This design is saying that in the Netherlands, man had better sprout wings and fly, if he has not already placed himself in a safer location!

Why does eating meat make humans aggressive? Zetas said the Oahspe "speaks to truths mostly unspoken by man" and that it is a valid channel. In several parts of the book it is spoken of how the children loose their ability to see into the "Es" world (4th density?) and commute with angels once they start consuming animal flesh. It refers to Men becoming aggressive when consuming flesh, and to take the example of predatory beasts as opposed to herbivorous animals and their behavior. The channel for the Oahspe having to go through a cleansing process. "Verily, I say unto you: ye have not fulfilled the first law, which is to make clean your own corporeal bodies. Because ye have stuffed your self with carnal food, my holy angels cannot approach you...Wherein ye will not put away flesh because ye love flesh".

We have explained that the Oahspe channel not because mankind should do so. Man is an omnivore, with his greatest problem being that he does not understand the caveman diet and thus tries to eat both meat and vegetables or light protein like fish at the same time. The digestive system of man adjusts, so that if only meat is eaten, no harm is done, but switches to a different mode when meat is not available and scrounging around, eating vegetables and fruit and light protein such as fish is the diet. Some humans are genetically disposed to an early death from the fats in meat, as is known by your doctors. When the Oahspe was written, drugs such as statins were not available, nor were blood tests for lipid content.

I have several vivid recurrent dreams, only few aspects of it are different each time. For example of being with people by a river surrounded by caves and going under water to come out inside a city like complex. But only like once a year. Why do I have recurrent dreams and what are they?

Some recurrent dreams are often due to a subconscious that has knowledge the conscious does not. When the ZetaTalk saga first began in 1995, it was not uncommon for contactees to report on message boards that they had flood dreams, where the water just kept rising up the windows and did not stop rising, our description of the tidal waves that will assault the coastlines. This is not to be a crashing wave, but a steadily rising tide. When such contactees moved from the coastlines, these recurring and intense dreams stopped. You have perhaps encountered the Men in Black who live in caverns. If not threatened by you, they communicated their location and the difficulty that man would have in discovering their cities.

Will the wobble will be like a figure 8 all of the time or will it change in such a way that we will see other differences?

The wobble still has a figure 8 form but has been drastically distended to include an almost violent push away of the N Pole and an equally violent bounce back. Thus it is the period when the Sun is over the Americas that the worst push and bounce occur. This will be the norm until the lean to the left begins.

Previous ZT material has talked about how keeping weapons for the aftertime is not advised and location is far more important as a means of protecting from gangs. They also discuss and note in 'The Passage' that Service to Self gangs will not necessarily be able to see service to other, or will just walk past narrowly missing or not seeing people. I still intend to be as 'weaponed up' as possible to protect my family and loved ones. Surely this common sense and there is no disadvantage in this? What about all the people that are undecided in orientation, but headed in the Service to Other direction, will we be spared by the Service to Self gangs not seeing us also? How can we be sure? Plus weapons are useful for killing animals.

The statistics on guns kept in the home are such that you are more likely to be killed by a gun in the home than by a stranger. If 43% of the survivors will be somewhat insane, if only temporarily, after the pole shift, then this applies to the head of household who holds the gun as well! Protection by angels, who cloak a survival community, cannot simply be calculated. Those who are highly Service-to-Other of course are more likely to get this assistance than others, as the Earth is intended to be their home in the Aftertime. Communities that are predominantly Service-to-Other or led by Service-to-Other individuals likewise will likely be assisted. We have stated that communities should do self-help and keep a low profile, be out of the heavy traffic lane, as to do othewise is not Service-to-Other but expecting the angels to do all the work, like a parent tending a spoiled child. Service-to-Other

Will the Earth's hot core eradicate harsh northern winters for a few years in the Aftertime?

After the pole shift, the north will not be north. Become acquainted with the new geography expected after the pole shift.

If I may be so bold as to pose a previous question again, this time with some qualification. I had asked if Zetatalk had any comment to make about the Thumbprint Nebula; I realize it is standard procedure to dismiss these sorts of questions, however my question is grounded in somewhat more than idle curiosity. From time to time I receive information in my dreams, usually of a personal nature only pertaining to my own life, but this one I am not certain if that is the case. Most of these dreams are either fairly self evident, or lead to answers via a quick Internet search. This dream I had several years ago, and have not been able to make heads or tails of it, so I wonder if perhaps I was meant to discuss it on a forum such as Zetatalk. In a few words, the dream consisted of me looking at the night sky and seeing a formation that I was told was the Thumbprint Nebula (which I confirmed to exist via Google upon waking, though it appears to be not much more than an uninteresting gas cloud.) Next I was told that this was very important, and then I watched what appeared to be a missile shoot out from it, come down to earth and vaporize us all, at which point I awoke. Sounds like a silly dream I guess, but I know from experience these sorts of dreams are not just random garbage. If this has little to do with anything relevant to anyone else I understand if you decline to comment.

We do not address personal question, and have not done this since 1996 when it became obvious that this is all we would be engaged in if we continued this practice. Thus, no comment on what your dream might mean. We have made the statement that something like a mass landing would not be allowed by the Council of Worlds, nor will the Earth be allowed to be destroyed by an asteroid as the Council has plans for the Earth as a home for those in the Service-to-Other orientation. Whatever your dream meant is up to you to decipher, as it came from your head so you have the info.

Will people still be able to flee and travel from their locations by roads and freeways at the point in time at which the planet becomes visible to the naked eye? Will there be places where this sort of travel will not be possible at that point due to all of the natural disasters leading up to this time?

This is absolutely subject to the will of man in any given locale, and is dependent upon who is in charge, whether a federal or state/province or local government is in charge or even if an armed militia is in charge. It is also subject to what type of destruction to roadways or rail tracks has occurred. It is too variable to predict. We have stated that those who go to their safe locations early will not regret it. The regret will be among those who linger, and then find themselves blocked.

Are there going to be any full blooded humans left after 100 years post PS?

We have stated that homo sapiens will die out, being replaced by the Hybrids. Those who are undecided will be taken after death to their new home, a waterworld where an intelligent octopi is the intelligent species. Those who are Service-to-Other will reincarnate into the Zeta/human hybrids on Earth. Those who are Service-to-Other Star Children have their options of what world they wish to incarnate on next. Those who are highly Service-to-Self will reincarnate on prison planets, but in some cases will be taken to their new homes while still in human form. Service-to-Self worlds prefer a reptilian life form, not a hominoid, as they prefer to dampen their empathy and the reptilian form allows an emotionless response to others. Thus, 100 years after the pole shift, it is unlikely there will be any humans left. Unless some human child born in the troubled years after the pole shift lives a long and healthy life, which given the conditions after the pole shift is unlikely.

I read in ZT that "Entities acting as school yard monitors on a 3rd Density world are operating in 4th Density". My Q. is: How can a 4D entity interact with a 3D entity if their bodies are on different vibrational frequencies? How does a 4D entity like the Zetas perceive our 3d world? Do you switch on 3D during the Live Chat in order to catch Nancy's thoughts?

The soul can transcend densities, thus a soul-to-soul monitoring of a contactee can occur without requiring the visitors to be in 3rd Density. Because Nancy's brain is in 3rd Density, ZetaTalk works best if we are in 3rd Density and we do not hesitate to do so for important times, such as live broadcasts. But for a chat, where she can pause to get our meaning from her soul, this is not necessary.

As according to your information crop circles contain messages to the subconscious mind, I have been showing them to non believers in the pole shift despite them thinking I am mad, in the hope that it will convey some sort of message to them without them actually realizing. My question is firstly will this be of any benefit, and secondly what will this benefit be? Its not going to make them any better prepared to deal with the aftermarth of the poleshift or provide them with any survival skills - what if any will the benefit be?

You have spoken to their subconscious, and thus they are more likely to prepare when the Earth changes pick up.

While watching Obama at a town hall meeting just now explain his puzzlement about his opponents' attempts to basically lie about the health-care reform plan - the so-called "death panels" comment - I realized that much of the perceived non-responsiveness of he, his administration, and other members of the mainstream intelligentsia is due to an almost-total lack of awareness concerning fore-knowledge of what's coming can bring suspicion on their agenda. Being that the Zetas can read our minds and our souls' intent, can they see how this unfortunate unawareness can help lead to the almost-insane suspicions we are hearing these days? Do they foresee a day soon when Obama will become more "aware" and address these related issues more forcefully? He's doing a pretty good job at this moment.

Not being a manipulative or self-serving person, he like many who are of good intent are always somewhat shocked at how the self-serving can lie and care not a whit for the welfare of others. He may have a delayed reaction, but then watch out! This man is a fighter, and as his campaign for the presidency showed, no fool and certainly no rugmat.

There are speculations now that the economy is gettting better. Noticed something about the ecomomy in Germany and the USA. Yet I do have some feeling that we are in for another downfall. And that the worst of this recession is yet to come. As I remember that the Zetas said that this recession won't recover before the pole shift. Is it right that we are not there yet, and that the worst is yet to come?

There is certainly no recovery, though every rise in any statistic is claimed as such. There are waves, when a recovery seems in process in this or that industry, in this or that country, which are countered by waves when a crash is happening elsewhere. There is a domino effect during a depression, such that one area drags another down. Any recovery is temporary, thus, until is gets washed over by an economic devastation happening elsewhere. It is the overall picture that matters.

Are the Zetas frustrated by the low number of earthlings, that are not aware of the PX incoming?

The Zetas, like all those in attendance of Earth during her Transformation, were well aware of what to expect. The Awakening to the alien presence is a seemingly slow process, yet mass sightings and glimpses of alien bodies are occurring and on the increase, as we stated they would be over a decade ago. The coverup over the nearby presence of Planet X is going strong, yet the increasing magnitude of quakes striking everywhere cannot long be denied, the tides along N America are disturbing and startling, and the incidence of imploding buildings and sinkholes is about to make this story go viral, as they say, on the internet. We anticipated this pace, and are not surprised by the tenacity of those in control who fear being toppled from their perch.

The Zetas have stated that the UK will not fare well during the next pole shift and getting a boat to Sweden is advised. This will not obviously be practical for all in the lead up to the shift, especially for those wanting to look after loved ones and family. There are very few places in the UK that are 100 miles inland from all directions and high enough above sea level after 75ft drop. Despite the fact 95% of London is not 600ft above sea level the zetas have stated that London will be above the waves after the pole shift. How can this be? Does the east of England not suffer so much because of the relatively small channel between itself and Europe? What sort of protection can the south west of England expect by having Ireland in the way to perhaps lessen the effects of the tidal waves? The Chilterns in Buckinghamshire would appear to be the best bet. Any additional information to assist us in our calculations & planning for the would be appreciated

Our statement on London was that parts of London would be above the waves. You must inform yourself, as you have done, and make your own decisions. We cannot hand hold those who want explicit safe locations information, as we would be overwhelmed by this in the time coming, just as we were overwhelmed by personal questions in the year after ZetaTalk began. Our statements are general, but give you the tools you need. Of course a barrier will blunt a tidal wave, but only momentarily as water moves around a barrier and proceeds forward, pressed forward by the force of water behind it. This is what causes tidal bore, for instance.

Nancy, what's up with your imaging team member J. William Dell being on the debunker thread admitting that Planet X was NOT imaged as you claim it was back in 2003?

2003 was a shock to all who were staunch ZetaTalk fans, including Nancy herself. Our statement then was that those who took steps to move to a safer location, or to gather supplies and educate themselves, would not regret this. When we are at the cusp of having earthquakes of greater magnitude, larger tides swamping the coastlines, and increasing crop shortages driving up the cost or availability of food, our words ring true. Those individuals who were embarrassed by the failure of Planet X to pass, even though it arrived as we predicted, and with great accuracy on the RA and Dec of where it could be located during the inbound flight, defended themselves in some cases by denying all, and in particular denying their part. This in no way changes the facts, which are of record. It is a reflection on the individual's ability to adhere to the truth, regardless of perceived damage to personal self image.