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An appropriate diet can minimize lead bio-availability. Food rich in vitamin C, iron, calcium, and magnesium reduce lead assimilation. Weeds or plants containing these chemicals can be identified and selected from existing databases. Dietary supplements of these components are a good way to reduce assimilation and to help the body to get rid of absorbed lead. If the first measure to prevent contamination is avoidance of exposure to lead, the second one is to use mineral supplementation. Mineral supplements and vitamins should be stocked and more importantly, natural sources should be identified. Alimentary chelator, either synthetic (EDTA, Succimer) or found in plants (citric acid, oxalic acid) could be used as oral additives to prevent lead poisoning.

Additional steps to prevent lead contamination, which is always possible in high tech, hydroponics type, food production systems, can be implemented without too much difficulty. In indoor recycling food production systems, lead biosorption using plants or microorganisms can be used to keep the system safe. A plant or microorganism biosensor, also compatible with this kind of food production system is useful to monitor the lead level of the system.

Offered by Jean.