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Planet X: the JIM (let-them-drown) SCOTTI Object [1]

In thread Re: Planet X: Why Sarah Mac FAILS
In Article: <b0jth8$ha5$> Jim Scotti wrote:
> If your fictitious object orbits the sun every 3600
> years as you've stated, it can't get farther than about
> 470 astronomical units from the sun which means it
> should never get fainter than 20th magnitude if it is as
> you describe it.

    You're still mixing in YOUR definitions with OURS,
    Jim, without clarifying this.  You're attempting to
    mince words carefully, so in a strictly legal sense
    you cannot be said to have misquoted, but by
    failing to ascribe what portion of your statements
    are YOUR limited human understanding of how
    matters work, from OUR statements, you hope to
    mislead the public!  Now why is that, Jim, that this
    should be SO important, to mislead the public?

In Message <> ZetaTalk wrote:
> In Article  <avdp3q$gv9$> Jim Scotti wrote:
>> You're still clinging to orbits having two populated foci,
>> aren't you?
>    Its OUR smoldering brown dwarf that you are pointing
>    folks to look at, NOT something your limited human
>    brain and knowledge can comprehend!  If you're telling
>    people to go look at YOUR interpretation of what is
>    possible, then SAY so.  Don't confuse our statements
>    with YOURS.  To do so is misleading, and DELIBERATELY
>    so.  Or are you simply mentally limited, unable to sort the
>    two out, having as we said an identity crisis?  You
>    disagree with an associate, so you mix in YOUR
>    interpretations and concepts with what he said, and this
>    is how things are run at the University of Arizona?  We
>    think not.
>        ZetaTalk™

The Zetas, who have stated that Planet X:
- is an object like Earth, that can support life on
  its surface as on the surface of Earth, which is NOT
  A BRIGHT HOT OBJECT object as might fit in human
  limited descriptions for a brown dwarf, else the life
  there would be fried,
- is in size no more than 4 TIMES THE DIAMETER
  OF EARTH, so is not several times the size of
  Jupiter as humans like to define the low limit of a
  brown dwarf.

From the distance/speed descriptions given by the Zetas,
the Sighting TEAM has computed that Planet X:
- is currently at 4 TIMES THE SUN-PLUTO distance,
  which is about 408 AU so Jim is describing as
  distance less than half the mid-point between the
  two foci it orbits and he described in his 470 AU
  LESS THAN A FIFTH of the distance from our Sun
  that it travels, so it
- currently appears to be at 5% of Jupiter's size, and
  is not yet reflecting sunlight as the other planets in
  the solar system.

And he should KNOW this, as pointers to the body of what ZetaTalk has
stated were given to him the last time an exchange between he and the
Zetas occurred, earlier this month!

In Message  <> ZetaTalk wrote:
> In Message  <avatgh$r36$> Jim Scotti wrote:
>> Assuming it is the size and albedo of Saturn  (isn't it
>> supposed to be a Brown Dwarf, so it should be larger
>> and give off some of its own light?), it would have to
>> be about 100 times farther away than Saturn - that
>> would be something like 1000 times the distance of
>> Earth from the Sun!
>    It is as a body 4 times the diameter of Earth and about half
>    way in from its dither point between its two foci, some 9
>    Sun-Pluto distances OUT.  We will ask Nancy to give you a few
>    pages as reference so we can be on the same page here.
>        ZetaTalk™
> See: Distance, (
> See: Speed, (
> See: Size Guide, (
> See: Sling Orbit, (
> See: Predicted Appearance, (
> See: Table of Distances,(

For instance, the Size Guide link [quoted below] has a graphic showing
what this size MEANS in terms of the objects in the Sep 21, 2002 FITS

    Assuming the sci.astro conclusions of :
       Nibiru's [Body] Swirl = 3% Jupiter, 33% Uranus.
    it leds to :
       Nibiru's Swirl ~ 1.2 arcsec (0.6" Dec) (diameter)
       Nibiru itself ~ 0.30 arsec
            Size Guide for Sept 15, 2002 Viewing