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Hello. I am a member of a permaculture organization here in Belgium. We collect seeds and plants which are edible and useful (for food) these are mainly tree's and shrubs from other regions (China, Japan, US, Europe). At the moment we are planting the tree's in a terrain of 2ha for study for the best sorts. I think to save them somewhere for after the poleshift (the seeds) and maybe we can exchange some sorts (if you are interested we have hundreds unusual plants).


Why Acorn squash? Butternut squash is much easier to grow in terms of bug and disease resistance. And it is richer in nutritional value. When cooked, Butternut squash looks and often tastes much like sweet potatoes! Of course, sweet potatoes are far more disease and insect resistant, but in the interest of palatal diversity and ease of propagation (sweet potatoes rarely produce seed) I can see the value of growing squash. Should we consider Butternut squash instead? Or is there something I don't know about Acorn squash?