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Acorn Squash
No - I couldn't get any of the squashes to grow here. I asked about it at a local nursery and was told that squash might have a hard time growing here because of the ph of the soil, since we have so many pines in our area.
None - I think the soil here might not be right for asparagus.
Yes - these seeds are ready to be distributed for next year's planting.
Butter Nut Squash
No - (same as acorn squash).
Cayenne Hot Pepper
These plants started out wonderfully, but the strange weather of ultra cold and then a heat wave wilted the plants and I could never get them to fully come back. They limped along for a while, but just never produced, so I will try again next year. I will split the little bit of seed I have left for distribution next spring and see if someone else gets better results.
Cabbage for Cole Slaw
Plants did not want to go to seed (and still haven’t), so I got very little seed from them. These are ready for distribution now. (Note: Cabbage is a biennial and only goes to seed in the second year.)
No - the plants never came up.
Drought Resistant Cantaloupe
No - (same as acorn squash).
Yes - these seeds are ready to be distributed.
Yes - This herb grew well here, though it was a bit stubborn in going to seed. I do, however, have some for distribution, and may still get more before the end of the season.
Pickling Cucumbers
Yes, though not as much as I had hoped for.
Red Beets
Yes - some of the seeds were evidently not thoroughly dried and molded in the plastic bag, so I think I lost approx. 1/2 of what I could have had - but I still got some from the second crop that look pretty good.
Red Cabbage
Yes - these seeds are now being dried.
Salad Cucumbers
Yes - these seeds are now being dried.
Yes - I got a couple of the spinach plants to go to seed and will be sending the seed from those - the spinach did not do as well as I had hoped. I still might be able to get some more seed in the next couple of weeks, if I watch the plants very closely.
Yellow Summer Squash
No (same as acorn squash).
Zucchini Summer Squash
No (same as acorn squash).

I am also including some non-hybrid endive from my herb garden, for distribution to others in the spring.