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Spring Report
Since I joined the team after the Spring planting time, I didn't get many seeds from the team for the effort this year. My own gardening efforts were successful and I do have seeds to offer.
My favorite green bean is Contender and as this is an heirloom variety, I have lots of seed to offer. I have almost two pounds of seed so far and there should be a modest fall crop as well. My wife likes Tendercrop green beans (another heirloom variety) and I harvested seed from them as well. They have a much longer growing season and the quantity of seed from them is less (perhaps only a pound - not sure yet since they are still desiccating in the silica gel). I planted a Fall crop of Green Beans and also the Yellow Beans I received from Nancy. I only got 4 (yes, four) of the yellow beans to germinate and grow. The green beans I received germinated better (about 80%). Both have blooms now. I also planted Contender and Tendercrop green beans for Fall and they are doing well.
I also have a fair amount of tomato seeds to offer as well. I have Amish paste (a very old heirloom that is not very attractive, but very meaty and Ox heart shaped) and Rutgers. Rutgers is also an heirloom and is usually used as a standard for beefsteak hybrids.
I planted the Acorn Squash shortly after I received the seed. All of the seeds sprouted, though I pruned back to just four plants. I lost one of those. The squash bugs (or stink bugs, or blister beetles, or whatever) have found them and are mating like crazy. They haven't caused any major damage yet and my efforts to squash them (pun intended!) have merely kept them in check. I'll have to spray them soon. At any rate, I have three very nice squashes (one that is at least 10 inches long and approximately three inches in diameter at its largest). There'll be lots of seed there in a month or so!
I planted the peas last week and have excellent germination from them. I received Snow Peas and Sweat Peas from Nancy and I planted Sugar Snap and Sugar Ann as well. I'm racing against time for these guys, but hopefully they will have a good stand of pods before the frost slows them down. I had to wait until the heat broke and I'll have to monitor them daily to make sure they don't get devoured by aphids and such, but it'll be fun to get a Fall crop of peas (something my father was never successful at doing!)
I got the geodesic greenhouse built. Well sort of, it's just a frame right now, but all I need is the plastic and some tie-downs and it'll be ready. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get anything to go to seed in there this winter, but I anticipate a lengthened growing season next year as I'll be able to start things much earlier and I intend to experiment with shading material once it gets too hot inside the greenhouse. I'll simply remove the plastic and put up shading material and install a fan if necessary to keep it cool in there.
Summer Report
I have bad news. The squash bugs have won. I was not able to save the Acorn squash.
Fall Report
I joined the seed team late in the season so my offerings will not be reproductions of seed received from the team (with the exception of the green beans). I still have a fall crop of peas growing and it's too soon to harvest from them. If things keep up as they currently are, I may have a small amount of Snow Peas available. I will, of course, grow peas again next season. Basically here is what I have (must of which are from my own stock):
Amish Paste tomatoes - 1 Tablespoon (probably 200-300 seeds)
Rutgers tomatoes - 3 Tablespoons
Missouri Pink Love Apple tomatoes - 2 Tablespoons
Yellow Pear (cherry type) tomatoes - 1/4 cup
Provider Green Beans (from the seed team) - 1 1/2 cups
Contender Green Beans - 6 or 7 cups
Tendercrop Green Beans - 5 or 6 cups
Carrots (unknown variety) - 1 1/2 cups
Buckwheat - 10+ lbs.
It should be noted that the above mentioned carrot seed is that which I harvested from a friends garden (one that was unattended all year) and I am not sure if it is 'pure' as in it may have crossed with anything in the area, including Queen Ann's Lace. If anyone wants some of the seed, I will willing send it out, but I won't know anything more about it until I can plant some myself next season :-)
The only other seed I received from the seed team that I was able to plant (beside the winter wheat) was the Acorn Squash. I already posted what happened them. (I definitely would like to receive some Butternut squash seed from someone for next year. I did harvest a little seed from the squash, but not enough to make available to others (sorry).
Also, since this is going to all the seed team members, I wanted to mention that I will be nature willing) offering peanut seeds (two varieties) and an heirloom cherry tomato (called Fence Row Cherry) next year. I also ordered two varieties of Spinach, two varieties of Swiss Chard, a variety of cucumber called Greenhouse Cucumber, a variety of tomato also called Greenhouse Tomato, a cabbage variety called January King that is a winter harvest variety, and also a winter harvest carrot variety called Autumn King. Most of the above I ordered with the intention of growing in containers in my new geodesic greenhouse. If they do well and tolerate shade (through experimentation with shading material next season) I will make the seed available with my compliments!