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I didn't volunteer for the seed team because I don't have much growing area, am new at it and wanted to see if I could grow anything at all. I didn't want to waste good non-hybrid seeds on the testing-learning mode I am in at present. The following is my experience with organic sprouted seeds from a local farmers market. I planted some and eat the rest. They all could be hybrid for all I know. 22 Mar 98 planted seed starter bins and a 2nd batch 2 weeks latter planted in final pots or directly in the ground for each of the following: (fastest growing first in the list - first 3 months no nutrients were used - just water, - no pH testing - used starter soil and ultimately organic potting soil)

  1. Kamut (several inches high by end of first week) first batch mature enough to pull the plant end of Jul. Aging now. 2nd batch planted 12 Jul. 98 is about 18-20" high one month later 12 Aug. with no seeds yet. Plants a little weak and tend to lean over.
  2. Peas (1/2 of the planted starter bins (several seeds/each bin) grew enough to made it above ground) Plants did not do well, extremely weak and produced only several pea pods, died off early.
  3. Soy Beans (1/2 of the planted bins made it above ground). Have 27 plants 7 with most of the leafs eaten off. Some bean pods have formed - plant at latest stages now I think - may get some beans to plant next
  4. Mung Beans (1/4 made it above ground) - 3 plants left one bean pod - the plants are only 3" high still alive and having a hard time with the bugs - weather - pH or something.
  5. Garbanzo Beans (1/12 made it above ground) all are dead now - harvested one bean - the plants did not last long.
  6. Adzuki Beans red (first batch didn't make it above ground 2nd batch planted in the final pot did much better) Slow starter the 4 plants left are doing much better now (lots of new growth in last few weeks) due to supplying nutrients and/or keeping the bugs off by using the ultrasonic bug repelled.
  7. Black Eyed Peas (didn't make it above ground)

About 25 April planted Purple Patios one in a pot the rest in the ground. The plant acted more like a vine at several stages. Some die off now starting no flowering has taken place yet. Fast growing at first, Semi hardy plant but some bug holes in leafs. Planted some Summer Squash a while back. Has flowered but no squash yet. May not give squash - will need to wait and see. Started a batch of Green Lentils on 12 Jul. 98 doing well no seeds yet. Herbs: I am also growing Ginger, Echinacea Angustifolia, Echinacea Purpurea, Plantain, Habanero and other less hot peppers, Feverfew, Parsley and several verities of Mint plants. Have harvested seeds from Plantain.

My growing area gets sun light only a small part of the day. This is intentionally to start to simulate the amount of light I can produce with light bulbs. To see what will grow in limited light. I tried growing some garlic and it produced for the most part one big single bulb and some little baby seeds attached. This I have been told is because of not enough light. I will try this again soon. So far I have learned not to bother with starter bins - put it in the final pot or ground and to use nutrient mix proper pH to help it grow.

My most successfully plants to date are Plantain, Kamut, Peppers plants, Echinacea Angustifolia, Soy beans, and possibly the purple potatoes (until I see the result of this last one I will not know for sure). Bottom line - I am defiantly not ready to live off what I can produce - I have much more to learn - In the near term - I need to get smarter at improving soil quality with micro nutrients and pH management. I also need to start using non-hybrid seeds.