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Early Summer Report
Of all the seeds I had only two types of plants still stand. One being the Radishes, which are doing well, the other being the Beets, which are doing not that well (no growth really). As I deliberately seeded the seeds later than the other participants in order to find out what still would grow and what not, and as I deliberately seeded every seed in a shaded place in the garden in the back of the house, I am left with one winner, the radishes. They still have to bloom though.

As this was my first time I've learned a great deal about gardening, nutrients, calcium, water, light and more. One thing that I learned is that the seeds need to be seeded earlier than April - may in order to get the best of growth at the right time. We learn the most by taking risks and experimenting, to a certain extend I've done an experiment here.

Next year I will plant the seeds in the required months of February - March where needed. The place to grow the seeds will still be the same, to see what then will grow and what not. The soil is OK, that's important, and the amount of water differs per plant type, so does the amount of required light and temperature. I will grow not as much of the types of plants as that I had this time, too much seeds while there was too little adequate space.

Fall Report
Here are the results of my first try at this seed project:

I have two growing containers, each with transparent cover. The containers are 1 meter x 60 cm x 45 cm. I did not expect this much seed so I did not plant some of the seeds, as some seeds need a certian amount of space between eachother and the space available in my little garden is very small.

Results container A:
- Spanish Onion: nothing (did grow, but died off later)
- Giant Radish: plants yes but radishes no (checked one by digging)
- Red Beets: nothing (did grow, but died off later)
Results container B:
- Yellow Onions: nothing (did grow, but died off later)
- Red Onions: nothing (did grow, but died off later)
- Early Carrots: nothing (did grow for some time, but then died off)
- Mid-Season Late Carrots: nothing (did grow for some time too, then died)

The next time I will take just two or three vegetable types and maybe a herb or two in big pots. I also planted the seeds too late I think, July/August. This time I will plant them much earlier. Next to that I think that the moist and unstable weather this year participated in the failure.