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icon 1988 Germination

I'm wondering how your garden grows. We are having almost constant rain (a clue as to what's to come?) and I am unable to transplant the plants from the flats into mud! These seem to be more vigorous than the typical hybrid and they are about to crawl out of the flats on their own.
I've also got asparagus, onions, and the small amount of seed I got for daisies, those that are a natural pest control. Next year I can distribute seed from that to others. The asparagus seemed to take a long time to germinate, and I thought they were all dead until I noticed tiny purple needles sticking straight up! There they were, like tiny asparagus spears! I planted a couple peas and beans to show a grandchild, in a pot on the porch, and they are highly viable, I agree! Germinate like a shot and produce very healthy plants.
Just thought I would write the team and let them know that the seeds are in the ground. Now I must be on guard for those pesky crawly insects that will want to nibble on the seedlings.
Many of my seeds are also in the ground here in Jersey. Having about a 75 to 90 % sprouting rate and lost 1 red cabbage seedling to a dog paw, and 2 tomato and 2 broccoli seedlings shot straight up, very tall, thin, only two leaves, fell over and died, no wilt. Also, I did not get potato seeds from Troubled Times but have read about planting potatoes pieces with eyes in a hay/dirt pile. Leave it alone for a few months and when you uncover - bingo, potatoes. I had purchased a 5 lb. bag of potatoes at the store that were really the best looking and tasting potatoes I had ever had. I saved one and am waiting for it to sprout. At that time I planned on cutting it up and using the above planting method.
My plants are all growing well, but we've had some unusually warm weather here in upstate New York. I lost several lettuce seedlings to slugs earlier, so replanted the remaining lettuce in a container. Have about 18 plants doing well now with leaves about 2-3 inches. Beans are up and growing . Cukes are in the ground and doing well. Melons will need to be transplanted into the garden in the next few days.