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Early Summer Report
Dang it Mike, you make us all look bad. Which brings me up to a good point. Record keeping. I kept no records what so ever this year. Next year I will. Maybe at least on a monthly basis, I will write down what I have done or observed in my hopefulness of a perpetually perfect and proportionately planted or potted plant for preliminary procedures. Yeah, say that ten times real fast.
Fall Report
I had a small garden this year here at the house. Planted with seeds from the store. I had good success with the peas, but the best success was the green cabbage (from green house plants). We had 12 plants with cabbage heads about six to eight inches across when we cut them down. They would have gotten bigger probably, but this darn moose and her calves decided it was their garden. If I hadn't cut them, they would have. On the other hand, we planted red cabbage but it never went to head. Strange.
I lost the last of the peas due to the moose. Next year, my huskies chain will be able to reach the edge of my garden area. Bonehead (his name) won't put up with that. I hope. All the clippings from the garden went to compost for next year.