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The following has been found usefully when preparing for living in a primitive environment. It is up to you to determine what is considered high or low Tech. I have listed the Harbor Freight sales price and/or the list price when it was available. Keep an eye out for when these items go on sale. Typical the first Friday, Saturday and Sunday of each month, there is a "side walk sale" (typical half price). Get there early, popular items go fast.

Emergency Medial & Body Protection:


Batteries, Chargers, Testers, Cables, & Switches:

Modified Sine Wave Inverters:

Recommend one purchase a range of useful power level inverters, with a back up for the most commonly used wattage(s). This allows one to select the smallest power unit that will run the intended load. This insures minimum energy wastage due to inverters idling power (power on with no load) being the lowest.

Digital Multitester Meter:

Powered useful items:

Camping and Primitive Survival:

Drill bits:

Hand Tools:

Cable Pullers and Presses:

Carts, Wagons, & Hand Trucks:

Log Splitting:


Offered by Mike.