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I would put in that little box:

My Medicine Stones - because each one came to me by hand of the Great Spirit, through friends and associates and each one reminds me of the honorable and timeless truths that come with each stumbling block that we transform into a stepping stone along our blended paths.

Flint and Steel - to provide me with fire - to warm my body and my spirit, that I may know the warmth of life and to light my way, that I may see the path of light that leads to fulfillment in life, and to gaze into during meditation and prayer, when all is one and we know no separation from Great Spirit nor the dawning of time.

Family Photos Wallet - for identification and memory and to remind me what the true treasures (love, faith, hope, joy, compassion, and communion) are in this life. (and they can't be found in a box... of any size)

Seeds - for planting and harvesting in the future, for the vegetables and fruits that are so important to the human body. Seeds might also be used for barter.

Paper & Pencils - to inspire me to write the passing of events and speak the joys of poetry, for those who may come after me, and to keep alive the joy of creation, even if it be only some sketches of a landscape or a simple puzzle that is written and solved to attain some tiny spark of wisdom.

A Bite of Chocolate - to remind me that there is always something sweet to look forward to in life, no matter how bad things may seem in the present.

A Bar of Soap - to keep myself clean and healthy in what could be the most terrible time to ever be encountered by humans. To remind me that it is always healthier and therefore happier to keep a clean body, mind, and spirit, even in the hardest of times.

A Harmonica - because music is the voice of the soul. It is an open channel to Great Spirit and music soothes the wild beast... even if that beast is yourself!

A Baby Rattle - so I will constantly be reminded of the simple joys in life and the purity of simple innocence, that I may always strive to see the world through the eyes of an innocent child.

...and I would forever cherish that little box...

Offered by Shekhina.