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What would you pack into a cardboard box that was 13 inches long, 8 inches wide and 6 inches deep.
Asked by Clipper.

There's not enough room for significant food or water, so here goes:

Socks and underwear, or other clothing I could fit. Everything else could still be found or picked up en-route to wherever

  1. I would put in my old and faithful Swish army knife, because it's a handy gadget with about 39 functions.
  2. My Swish army compass, because It's always handy to know one fixed point, even if it's not the old north pole anymore.
  3. Dynamo Flashlight with some extra light bulbs.
  4. Refillable lighter with a gas-container and spare flints.
  5. A laser sharpened knife, because what ever you do with it, according to the commercial, it won't get blunt.
  6. The head of an axe without the handle to save room.
  7. A string saw also without handles, I could make those after the pole shift.
  8. To fill up the empty spaces, I would take some cotton-wool, needles safety-pins, and some bandages and of course some seeds.

Katadyn PF .2 Micron water filter/pump (2"x 10") to filter all but viruses/chemicals

-5 oz stainless steel cup for drinking/coffee making
-6 Folgers instant coffee bags (like teabags)
-tiny notebook & ball-point pen (notes/messages on tree limb)
-1 very tiny vial of 1/4 gr. sodium saccharin (old perfume sample vial) for coffee
-20+ 1/2" sugar cubes for energy burst if needed
-Waterproofed matches (#30 in old pill vial) with coarse sandpaper wrapped around vial for striking
-Fire starter block(s) (total size = 1 breakfast bar) for easy fire start
-1 roll of 1/4 oz gold Eagles (size of a roll of nickels - $3K value today @ $75 each) - for "barter"
-1 roll of quarters
-2 unopened Mylar Space blankets to keep warm
-1 tightly-rolled long poncho with hood (doubles as shelter) ~ 2x 12" rolled - to stay dry
-6'x 6' tightly-rolled 3-mil plastic (1"x 12" rolled) for ground cloth/tarp
-1 very sharp lock-back knife with whetstone
-1 Mini-Maglite and 2 extra AA [Duracell] batteries (spare bulb in base)
-#120 Survival Tabs (12 - 3.9 gram Tabs/day) - food for 10 days in pint Ziplock bag
-1 multiple micro tool kit (pliers-in-a-pouch with fold-out tools in handles) - $40 kind
-1 small bottle (1/2 oz) of Liquid Bandage
-1/2 oz Visine dropper filled with antibacterial soap with a few drops of iodine ...
-1/2 oz Visine dropper filled with 10% pool chlorine (fresh) - in case of filter crap out
-6 "Travel wipes" packets (like from Chinese restaurant)
-20 feet of 1/4" Nylon line (or parachute cord) wrapped around Katadyn water filter
-.22 Short HP Beretta Semi-auto pistol & extra clip - defense/hunting
-Small towel (~12"x16"), tightly rolled, secured with HD rubber bands for cleaning
-10-minute highway emergency flare to REALLY start a fire in rain/night signaling
-mosquito net for head or spray-painting hood for bugs or cold, depending
-whistle on lanyard
-bug repellant stick
-travel tissue pack (for TP)
-1 pair very thin leather gloves
-in a thin metal tin like 20 cigarillos used to come in, (or old Sucret lozenger tin), put: needle & nylon thread, 6 safety pins, coiled 10# fishing line, hooks, split-shot sinkers, 2 lures; line is for snares too, bandaids, 1 condom (in case I get real lucky)

extra underwear and 2 changes woolen socks
foot powder
small bottle liquid iodine and iodine tablets for water purification
emergency solar blanket
plastic rain poncho
waterproof matches
small sewing kit
pocket knife
halogen flashlight and batteries
tiny travel radio-alarm clock with spare batteries
small bottle natural insect repellant antibiotic ointment
anbesol for toothache
1 campers' fork, knife, spoon combo
quarters,currency,credit card
nail clippers
dental floss or fishing line
vitamin C
2 plastic garbage bags
salt in plastic bag
baking soda in plastic bag

Here is what I would take with me in a hurry.

1. High powered slinig shot + steel shots
2. Knife
3. Utility can opener/screwdriver/pick/evertrhing
4. Seeds
5. one picture of family
6. extra pair glasses
7. gun if enough room
8. antibiotic cream
9. large bottle of antibiotic pills

Metal instruments such as a knife, needles, scissors, ax head, pliers for pulling teeth, electrical wire, and seed.