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Survival: - A Manual That Could Save Your Life
by Chris & Gretchin Janowsky (Paladin Press)

This book is geared toward long-term survival in typical North American environments. A wonderful little book. Chris runs the World Survival Institute in Tok, Alaska and is a regular contributor to the American Survival Guide. The WSI can be reached at (907) 883-4243 or by writing to Box 394C, Tok, Alaska, 99780. He also produces videotapes, including a set of 4 wilderness survival tapes, 5 combat martial arts tapes, and 5 emergency response tapes. Beware of imitators selling his Tracking & Ambush tape!

Survival Kit:

Speed Pouch Inside Survival Kit:

Medical Kit:

Fanny Pack:

Misc Items for Belt:

Fishing Kit:

Large Survival Kit (for indefinite survival):