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Did you listen to Jayson Rand, "The Coming of Planet X" on C2C, Tuesday September 11th, 2007?

Talk about plagiarism of your writings and site material, etc. He even admitted to knowing about you, culling your site and writings, and saying that "some" of what you write is fascinating. He is giving a different timeline re the appearance of Planet X and insisting on 2012 being the final shift date.

A positive is that once they went to open calls he seemed caught off guard when someone called in saying, in response to his interview with George and the existence of Planet X, . . ."that's what Nancy Lieder already said . . . "

George asked Rand if any of the material in his book related to Edgar Cayce, and further, if Cayce mentioned Planet X in any of his writings?

Jayson Rand first said no. Then, as if someone corrected him, he became overly excited and quickly said "oh yes," when you first said that I thought you meant did he mention "Wormwood." Adding that what Cayce said is in the "prophesies" section of his book.

If Rand wrote the material in his book, please tell me why he wouldn't know this? It was apparent he was promoting the book as his own, but that someone else did the writing.

Nancy, Rand even claimed a 4th dimension contact as a child, who told him about Planet X and the correct dates. This all supposedly happened when he was taken up to a spacecraft, while alone on a lake, and that he also has an implant. I had a clear sense he was lying about all this, as well as the government not being involved. He might have something that the government implanted, but . . . what he was saying was directly geared to impress and convince the C2C audience.

Then George said something like, "it sounds like this is all from the government." Rand denied this, saying he has worked for the government, but the writing of the book was all on his own. Then, if I have the sequence correct in my head, he tried to change the subject.

Next, George asked if the government was giving him any problems, i.e., trying to block his book, etc.? He said no, and that even Al Gore had asked for a copy of the book, among others.

An additional red flag was when a listener called in and said that one night upon "looking up at the sky," he saw what appeared to be Planet X or the brown dwarf.

Rand immediately corrected him, telling him it was just a vision, and that he was "gifted" for seeing this, but it was not real. He was just seeing what would appear in the future . . . for Planet X has not arrived yet.

Then, Rand kept asking the caller to e-mail him at his website so that they could "talk" about this, and so that Rand could help explain his gift to him. Rand made this invitation at least twice.

The guy just repeated . . . "I know what I saw."