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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written August 18, 2007 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Could the Zetas please comment on this new crop circle? Stanton St Bernard, Aug 12, 2007

This crop circle has been interpreted as implying the target="_top">Mayan symbol for 6, and the swirls in the inner circle the 13 months of 20 days each in the 260 day Mayan ceremonial calendar. The pattern implies neither of these, but those clinging closely to the notion that the End Times will come on Dec 21, 2012 will see these patterns as confirmation that 2012 is the date. Why would aliens from around the Universe communicate with mankind in a dead language, dead symbolism, especially when mankind has calculated the wrong date when trying to line up the Mayan and Gregorian calendars? We have explained the mistakes made by those who assume 2012 to be the end date, what missteps they took, and how this was essentially a guess, albeit an educated guess.

We have stated that 2012 is not the date, that the pole shift will occur before that year. That said, what is the meaning of this crop circle? Due to the number of elaborate hoaxes this year, 2007, the alien designers decided to be ultra simplistic, while at the same time building in an intricacy that could not easily be hoaxed. The 12 swirls around a central swirl in the inner circle, against a backdrop of smoothly laid crop and while swirling in different directions, would be impossible to do with the machines man is using to effect hoaxes. Thus, this is a genuine circle. The swirls in the inner circle are going in different directions, the central swirl counterclockwise, the direction of the solar system from the rotation of the Sun and Earth to the direction of the orbits in the planets in the solar system. Planet X is of course retrograde, assuming a retrograde or clockwise orbit past the Sun as well as a retrograde rotation. Thus, it clashes with the Earth during the passage, and this clash is a factor in the Earth stopping its rotation for almost a week prior to the hour of the pole shift. The 12 outer swirls in the inner circle are swirling in a clockwise direction, the retrograde direction of Planet X. Where the overall influence of Planet X is less than the influence of the Sun, it nonetheless overwhelms the Earth due to its pervasive presence, represented by the surrounding nature of the swirls.

The Earth is trapped in the cup, the eddy flows of particles coming round the backside of Planet X from the Sun, and roiling in front of Planet X on their way out toward the outer reaches of the solar system. We have mentioned that the Earth at first leans to the right, in temporary alignment with Planet X during the strongest magnetic trimester (May-August), but will return to the Earth wobble and lurch when this trimester expires and then begin a lean to the left. At the extreme, going into the 3 days of darkness, the Earth will be attempting to get as far to the left as possible from Planet X, causing Planet X to appear dramatically to the right of the Sun in line of sight. This is the symbolism of the bar, a back and forth effort to escape or placate Planet X, all the while trapped within the larger circle which indicates the cup of eddy flow that Earth is caught within.

The Los Angeles Times reports a run on Countrywide Bank to pull savings, illustrating the deep anxiety in the public, while at the same time, according to Raw Story, CEO of Walmart, H. Lee Scott Jr. says customers are "running out of money", that there is not enough money at the end of the month, hence the slump in Walmart sales, thus, further validation of the public's fears., I was told by my Realtor cousin, the country is at the inclining base of a bell curve for sub-prime mortgages where the initial low interest rates are about to explode into high interest rates, or balloon payments, per the mortgage contracts, driving an exponentially higher number of home owners into foreclosure and quite possibly bankruptcy. Despite that reality, earlier this week I read a headline commenting on the "oddity" of the volatility of the stock market, despite "tame inflation". However, this link tends to contradict the tame inflation claim, as it states many "key" foods, such as eggs and milk, are in double digit inflation. First and foremost, these emerging realities continue to strengthen the Zeta's earlier statements and predictions. Secondly, my question is, are the sky rocketing food prices strictly products of the inflationary practices of the Bush administration or are we also seeing the effects of lower animal production and dwindling supplies?

The rising food prices are blamed on the cost of corn, due to switching corn from a food source to ethanol fuel production. Of course the rise is due to crop shortages and setbacks to farmers all across the world, primarily due to the weather and indirectly due to increasing disease from migrating germs or carriers, which likewise is due to the weather. We predicted these crop shortages early on in the ZetaTalk saga, and now they have arrived. People are not shopping as much because of several reasons. First, many have lost their jobs or have seen family or friends put in that position, so are becoming fearful. Second, the cost of living has skyrocketed, food and gas costing more, so discretionary cash is more limited. Third, in the past they were given easy credit with low interest on credit cards and the like, but now interest rates have gone up and minimum payments have gone up, and the common man has heard that in a bankruptcy case their credit card debt cannot be erased.

Indeed, what is called the credit crunch is only starting, as worthless mortage packages sold to mutual funds or overseas are recognized for what they are - junk. More bankruptcies are in the offing as balloon mortgages prove impossible to sustain, and easy refinancing not the option once promised. But as has been done with the infusion of liquidity to avoid a panic, the very wealthy will continue to pump money into the system to avoid a complete collapse. For the common man, this is little comfort, as they are not the ones being sustained.

Can the Zetas comment on the recent Peru Earthquake? Are events like this to be discussed at the Asia Pacific Summit as they relate to Earth Changes or Planet X? [and from another] Strong Quake Kills at Least 17 in Peru [Aug 16] A powerful earthquake shook Peru's coast near the capital on Wednesday, reportedly killing at least 17 people as it toppled buildings and caused many residents to flee homes. Authorities said the quake had generated a small tsunami but it wasn't destructive. The last time a quake of magnitude 7.0 or larger struck Peru's central coast was in 1974 when a magnitude 7.6 hit in October followed by a 7.2 a month later. The latest Peru quake occurred in a subduction zone where one section of the Earth's crust dives under another, said USGS geophysicist Dale Grant at the National Earthquake Information Center in Golden, Colo.

These quakes are merely part of the increasing quakes and volcanic activity we predicted long ago, which has been steadily rising. When the quakes reach a certain strength, they get noticed due to the damage done, but there is nothing happening outside of the ordinary, outside of what has been going on, about these quakes. They will follow the Scripted Drama, as pre-shift quakes, the Pacific compressing, the Atlantic widening, the Americas rolling westward at the equator and Africa rolling eastward at the equator, causing these continents to rip at their weak points, as we have described. The Andes is a mountain building area, and can anticipate these quakes and greater, with accompanying tsunami, as we move along toward the hour of the shift. All summits discuss volcanism and increased quakes and in particular the wild weather, as why would they not? Especially these are discussed in private conferences, not officially recorded.

I am curious about the current shuttle mission. Is there a reason a teacher was placed on board? Is NASA carrying back PX related info and hopes to use the teacher as a shield against another "disaster"? Was the gouge on the shuttle done as a warning? Is the damage serious?

There is nothing particularly usual about this shuttle trip. There is increasing damage from debris, which worries all on board. NASA is not so naïve as to assume someone's profession would act as a shield. As always, the ISS is being used to triangulate the location of Planet X, and any additional information they can glean about the magnetic field of Planet X and its orientation. Nothing is different from the other flights.

The Zetas have stated that the Puppet Master would not allow the financial situation to deteriorate too far before he stepped in and indeed the Fed cut interest rates in addition to Central Banks around the world injecting funds by the billions. Will we not experience Bank shutdowns/limited withdrawals that the Zetas have mentioned until the Earth Changes heat up to an extent to cause an extreme level of panic?

People are already beginning to withdraw their savings from banks, and attempting to sell their stock. We have stated that the artificially maintained stock market will not allow all the sell orders that the common man may desire. Stocks simply will not sell. This will increase anxiety and attempts to withdraw savings from banks. Panic will set in. It is somewhere along this continuum that limited banking hours and limited withdrawals will be imposed.

Would the Zetas care to comment on Alex Jones' assertion that IT is now currently hitting the fan in reference to geo-politics, NWO, martial law, etc. Is he jumping the gun or is he in tune with TPTB enough to duplicate his 9/11 prediction?

Alex Jones of Prison Planet has many sources, and is quite accurately aware of the trends. Bush's intentions are obvious to anyone following his actions: executive orders allowing him to declare himself a dictator at his whim; the use of the Emergency Action Notification network; and the false terrorism claims emerging this month claiming actual bombs when no bombs were found. Alex is also somewhat aware of the contingent blocking Bush, though he cannot verify this so feels he must assume no such contingent exists. We, the Zetas, are telling you repeatedly that it does exist, and pointing to when it has taken action. Thus, Alex would assume, watching Bush's actions, that martial law is imminent and invasion of Iran is imminent and the like. He is reading Bush, and we are reading the minds of many who are blocking Bush.

Last week the Zetas said the congressional vote on the domestic spying program only allowed the continuation of the existing program, not the expansion of it. What is the purpose of the media blitz about a false expansion of the program, such as satellite, expanded wire tapping, and other spying methods on Americans, then?

What Congress voted on and what Bush is allowing himself to assume are two different things. This is no different from the earlier days of his administration, when he was operating in secret with illegal programs and not informing Congress at all. Now he has simply moved up a notch and claims their authorization was broader than it was. He's not off the hook on any of this stuff.

Are Shambala and Agartha intragel parts of the most ancient summerian and hindus vally "brotherhoods"of the serpant. Are they the same puppet serving forces still serving to enslave today under different names; Rosicrucian,Shriners, and masonic orders. Golden Dawn Church etc. Do they trace to Atlantis and beyond in constant connection to E.T dementional or other. Further were they divided by Hebrew and arameic speaking; Arabs, Armenians,Isrealites/and/Sanskrit,Hindi, Ordu speaking Easterners, I have come across several sources which suggest so. As a result of babel's shem falling and toung changing.

Mankind is fascinated by secret societies which wield great power, or seemingly so. Skull and Bones of Yale is one such in operation today. By whatever name, they take as much from their members as they give, as the members are virtual slaves to demands from the others. They may gain wealth and political power or positions within corporations, but their lives are diminished by lack of freedom. Many, if not most, have deep regrets and would not follow the same path if allowed to repeat history. Just who was in what organization in the past is not important. You map the past and focus there, as a distraction from the present which is screaming for your attention! Your Earth will be torn asunder soon, injured and frantic people everywhere. And you want to map out the Sanskrit speaking organizations?

I would like clarify something written previously about the immune system. I would like to know if the will to live can cure just about anything. For example if there is plack in the heart, or a cancerous liver can a shift in the will to be alive change these conditions and the immune system for the better, if so would you say there also can be a line crossed in the unhealthy where it becomes too late no matter the will to live?

The will to live affects the outcome when damage has been done that cannot be repaired. The will to live cannot replace a severed limb, or repair a body that has fallen out of an airplane, for instance. Hardening of the arteries is a physical change that can be affected somewhat by change in diet, reversing the process, but is not affected by the will to live. The will to live affects greatly the immune system and hormones that cause have the body to be perky or sluggish.

Can the Zetas comment on the reason for the collapse of a new bridge spanning the Tuo river in China?

When a bridge that has yet to be completed and put into operation collapses, fingers always point to construction problems. Who can prove otherwise? In this case, casual labor from the surrounding farms was used, and certainly farmers are not engineers. China is used to plugging along by the sweat of the brow of their workers, not to entertaining the world at the Olympics. They need to approach preparation for the Olympics in a different manner, and have already learned their lesson.

Previous writing mentioned the Australopithcines as having a design flaw with their week stomachs and opting out of continuing the species. Do our human bodies, on average, have a design flaw? If I'm not mistaken statistics show the number one cause of death is heart attacks. Is this a design flaw and are we opting out as well, moving towards the hybrid bodies?

Neanderthal man had stomach problems, as we have mentioned, so was ended with no further reproduction allowed while Modern Man emerged from the genetic engineering labs. All life forms carry their past as well as their genetic engineering within their DNA. We have mentioned that obesity was a positive trait in the past, allowing the human to carry a good harvest or hunting season around their belly so they did not starve. Due to the soft living styles of today, this trait can prove deadly. Diabetes likewise was a survival trait in the past, as when humans found a trove of food they were reluctant to leave, and were literally eating themselves to death. So diabetes arose to flush the food out of the body, resulting in the endless thirst and rapid weight reduction of the acute diabetic. Heart disease has no advantage to it, but was not sorted out during evolution as early man seldom had the opportunity to eat fat laden foods while being sedentary. There are other problems that would develop, under many other conditions in the future, so the body design of course is not perfect! Our advice has been to live your life as the cave man would, as this is the life your body has adapted to for survival.

There is a rumor that VP Dick Cheney was arrested, any truth to this?

We have mentioned that during the hours that Bush was in surgery, some weeks ago, that Cheney was under arrest. He is watched closely to prevent abortive actions on his part, just as Bush is watched closely so he cannot declare martial law or an invasion of Iran. Some might call this close watch a state of house arrest, which in essence it is.

There are fightening reports that the global financial system is on the brink of collapse. Is it possible that the Puppet Master could lose control?

Those aware of how the banking systems work are aware that what causes stress are three things. One, a run on the banks where cash is taken out in the extreme. Two, bankruptcies where those owing the bank money cannot pay. Three, when credit extended to the bank is demanded, in repayment, beyond what the bank can sustain from its reserves. When a central bank loans out funds to a bank, the bank is allowed to loan that money out several times over to the public. Now the bank is happily making interest on loans it has made. These loans are not a stress on the bank, as the transactions are not in cash, certainly not in gold or silver, as it is all just paper transactions with the bank backing the loan amount. In addition to any central bank credit extended to the bank, savings come in from the general public, and this likewise can be loaned out many times over.

Where central banks do not generally demand repayment of the credit they have extended, this can occur to punish an errant bank or when the central bank itself has limited reserves, for instance if it is founded in a small country. But a run by the public into savings can distress a bank, which then must borrow from other banks or go begging to a central bank and, if unable to secure cash, must close its doors. Banks likewise have expenses, salaries and operating expenses, so if those customers they have given loans to are unable to pay, the banks become distressed. This too can cause a bank to collapse. If the Puppet Master so chose, he could keep all the banks operating forever despite massive bankruptcies and cashing out of savings accounts. The question then is raised as to how far the Puppet Master will go in this regard. If he sees the inevitable on the horizon, and feels that the notes he holds will put him in good stead in the Aftertime, something he can demand repayment for in some manner or other, he may let weak banks take a dive. As this is in the hands of man, we cannot predict an exact outcome!

I have a general question concerning the land/water ratio after the shift. At the moment it is said to be around 30% Land and 70% Water, how will this ratio change in 2 years time after the pole shift, and also in 50 years when the effects on our planets' geology will more or less have ceased?

We have stated that for any given pole shift, where some land slides under the waves, other land pops up, and the general ratio remains the same. This will be true of this pole shift also, but may not be apparent for some years, approximately 100 years or longer. Within 2 years after the shift, the polar ice and all glaciers will melt, and the ocean floors will heave due to being heated by friction and the heat of the roiling core turning under the crust. This will raise sea level approximately 675 feet, worldwide. As the new poles begin to form ice, pulling water from the oceans, this new sea level will drop until the ratio is returned. Meanwhile, the Earth is taken into 4th Density, with only part of the Sun making this leap, so the Earth will have a dimmer Sun. This will cause the poles to accumulate more ice, but at the same time the tropical areas will have a dropping sea level. Once again, the ratio is maintained.

I think it's fair to say that modern religions, based on control, supress sexuality considerably. Of course people had to play along, but the end result is that we often feel guilty about our desires or libido driven by chemicals and erotic thoughts, when these things are natural. On the radio I heard a very conservative station poo-pooing a man as "sick" for looking at pornographic images of young teens online-- yet here on this site you mentioned that Jesus married a young teen and was very equal and giving sexually. I'm really hoping that in the new times we can accept that we mostly all go through a stage of being young fruits becoming just ripe for the picking with new desires and that as an adult it's okay to be attracted to young fruits becoming just ripe for the picking (as well as those your own age and those older-- the whole gamut). It doesn't mean you have to try to manipulate the situation as an adult to make it happen, but that it is okay to have the attraction and a fact of life. I am wondering how you approach this in the hybrid program. I'd also like to know your approach and understanding of erotic thoughts, or "kinky" drives, or sex play. In the hybrid program, I understand why there would be less promiscuity and more deep love but are people simply coupling or do they sometimes share love with more than one, or spice things up for fun with role playing, use sexual toys, creativity, etc.? I do hope this isn't taken the wrong way. I guess I thought I'd bring a little steaminess and eros to the questions, in hopes to provide a better example moving forward for us for healthy sexuality/love/sharing/acceptance/expression minus the guilt and centuries of repression.

We have addressed this in the Being Human section of ZetaTalk to some degree. We have stated that our hybrids have the same sexual nature as humans, which means a wide range of responses and capacity for sustained lovemaking. We, the Zetas, in our culture, do not penalize promiscuity. The rule is that another should not be harmed. Sex is often closely controlled in societies because humans are immature and harm would come to someone by open and free love. How many men would not take to bed 12 year old girls, make them pregnant, and abandon mother and baby? How many of these 12 year old girls would have their potential careers, an interesting life, then denied to them? Were these men in a Service-to-Other society and thinking about the girl's life, a different outcome would emerge. The father might volunteer to be the babysitter, if an accidental pregnancy happened, for instance. In our society, we likewise do not consider a clump of cells to be a person, so abortion is not forbidden. If one of our members has a need to be promiscuous, having a lack of self-esteem for instance, they are not punished in any way. The attitude is that this person needs this activity, needs the reassurance, so a loving society does not deny them this. They are also attended to, so their self-esteem builds via other than sexual outlets.

Can the Zetas tell us if a catastrophic event such an earthquake, flood or hurricane is going to happen in Europe during the next weeks?

We are not allowed to warn mankind of impending tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and the like, by the rules set by the Council of Worlds. Man is not to have a pampered existence, where all worry is removed. This is a schoolhouse, where man is supposed to react to the distress others are under, thus having an opportunity to become more Service-to-Other oriented or the reverse, pull into themselves and become more selfish. This is all explained in the Rules section of ZetaTalk.

I read earlier here somewhere that airplane flight is a way for man to get used to space flight in due time. Did the Wright brothers have a little assistance in this from giving the call, and will Service-to-Other societies continue with this or be assisted with this using alternative forms of energy when things calm down a bit after the shift?

You are asking if man will return to his current level of technology, after the pole shift. We have stated that this will not occur. In the past, when your 3rd Density societies were to continue, with a mix of Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self and the majority being undecided young souls, technology and the pecking order you see today in society would reform. This occurred in the past, with the great cities of China disappearing, but look at China now! But this rebuilding of technology takes hundreds of years, as for the short term man is thrown back into scavenging for a living, seeking food.

For this pole shift, a Transformation process is in place, where those fully into the Service-to-Self orientation will be removed, often before their incarnation as humans has ended, and taken to prison planets to live with their own kind. They will not be returning, will not be reincarnating on Earth. Likewise the undecided in their orientation will be taken elsewhere when the Earth incarnation ends, to a water world which is in 3rd Density to be a form of octopi. This leaves only those in the Service-to-Other orientation, who will reincarnate into the hybrids. These individuals will become acquainted with ourselves, the Zetas, well before their life as a member of the human species is ended in this lifetime. They will be absorbed into our or the hybrid communities. Thus high tech will return, but not in the hands of man, so to speak. Our communities will be high tech, man alone will not be.

Is it true for the Zetas that the current German Pope is connected in some ways to the Illuminati? What is the relationship between the Vatican and the satanic secret societies (which should be condemned and not accepted)?

The Catholic Church has long been rumored to be associated with devil worship, and this is true. This must be qualified greatly, as in general the church is merely very rule and control oriented, though these are signs of a Service-to-Self culture. There are also pockets of the church which are highly Service-to-Other in their operation, also. We have explained that the Illuminati is not a powerful organization, but a group of people who assume themselves powerful by virtue of their wealth or position as royalty or stature in the community or corporate positions, and are frustrated that they cannot pull strings as the Puppet Master seems to do via his great wealth. Many turn to devil worship, which is hardly more than the sacrificing of a virgin that primitive cultures do to placate the gods. They are encouraged in this by alien visitors in the Service-to-Self, who counsel them to proceed, knowing that the only thing gained by the Service-to-Self is the soul of the participant. The humans do not gain materially from such devil worship, but those in the Service-to-Self who have encouraged them often gain a soul as a convert.

There has been much talk of the fired US attorneys, but not much mention of the US attorneys who were shot through windows, committing 'suicide', and having car, pool, etc. accidents while working on cases in which there appears to be almost a mafia type of organization. The one who comes to mind most is the Alabama Democratic Governor Siegelman who appears to have been rail-roaded and framed. It appears a lot of the sites who are actively investigating these incidents are being hit with 'denial of service' problems and their computers are being hacked. With the Cal-tech student showing how the military was hacking Wikopedia to change history, is the military involved as much as the criminal elements of the current administration? Will these criminal types be brought to justice soon?

Most crimes are not solved, and certainly fewer yet are brought to justice. This is ever more the case when the criminal is a government in charge of determining who should be prosecuted. The criminals forgive themselves, and trash the evidence. This is the normal process and the reason why so much data is classified for decades until all the guilty are dead. There may be an exception to this rule this time around, if the criminal White House is arrested and brought to justice. With a whole new crew running things, and with enough evidence still fresh and laying around, justice may be served. As with most crimes, you should take comfort that the criminal does not truly escape justice, as they carry their guilt in their souls, and their Birthing Guides often arrange for a karmic incarnation afterwards, where they are put in the position of their former victims, in order to learn compassion.