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Lead blood tests will not be available after the pole shift. Recognition of lead poisoning will essentially be based on the observation of the symptoms. Several forms of treatments will be possible. Provided that the appropriate compounds (such as DMPS and DMSA which are administered orally) have been stocked, chelation therapy will be possible.There are also alternative treatments such as essential metal ions supplementation, heat depuration and homeopathy. Medicinal plants (rich in essential metal ions or natural chelators) might also be effective. Since the body has, to some extent, the ability to get rid of the lead it has assimilated, avoidance of any additional incorporation is the first treatment that should be applied. Ideally, every individual presenting symptoms of lead poisoning should be treated, especially when life is threatened but to avoid permanent neurological damages, children should be the treated in priority. Some lead poisoning genetically susceptible individuals will also require special attention.

Offered by Jean.