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Mother Earth News, Sep/Oct 1987
The Easiest Seed-Saving Crops
By Nancy Bubel

This hardy annual has tiny, scarcely noticeable wind-pollinated flowers which can cross with other blooming spinach plants as much as one mile away. If you can avoid crossing problems, though, spinach is an easy plant to grow to seed. You might try selecting for later bolting by roguing out small, early seeders - and, of course, by getting your seed from plants that produce the latest seed stalks. Harvest yellowed or browned plants when the seed has matured. Rub off the tiny seeds while holding the stalks in a grocery bag.

The Arc Institute

Matures quickly and best planted for food in the early spring, as will go to seed when the weather turns warm. Planet seeds 1/2” deep and thin the plants to 2-3” apart in rows 18” apart. High in nutrients - vitamins and minerals.