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Mother Earth News, Sep/Oct 1987
The Easiest Seed-Saving Crops
By Nancy Bubel

Even though peppers normally self-pollinate, it's not at all unusual for insects to carry pollen from hot pepper blossoms to those of sweet ones. So keep your pepper varieties 50 feet apart. Aside from the cross pollination possibility, peppers are a snap to save. I just shake or scrape out the seeds from several shapely fruits that have turned red-ripe, and then dry them on newspapers for a week before packaging.

The Arc Institute

Peppers like warm weather and will not germinate until it arrives. They also have a slow germination period of 3-4 weeks, and can be started indoors. Plant 1/4” deep, 18” apart, in rows 2-3’ apart. Peppers can be harvested any time but are thicker, sweeter, and jucier when mature. Can be dried for storage.